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Jul 31, 2008 04:19 AM

[MSP] Maison Durras --French skyway sandwiches--St. Paul

Kathie Jenkins (PiPress) has mentioned this little sandwich shop in the St. Paul skyway a couple of times. Anyone tried it? It sounds like it might be a fun little stop. (See #5) I'm guessing it's no substitute for those who miss Kallyste, but I thought it might satisfy the craving at least a little.

Also, for those who like the habit-trail dining, there's also Murphy's Alley Hot Dog stand in the Victory Ramp. I'd hoped they'd do Chicago dogs when that stand changed hands, but they don't mention them, so I'm guessing they don't. But they do (oddly) offer ceviche!


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  1. Hot dogs and ceviche should never be mentioned in the same sentence! :-x

    1. I tired a sandwich there a couple of weeks ago. I believe it was turkey and provolone with pesto. They cook the sandwiches panini style. The ingredients were somewhat skimpy, but the quality and taste was superb. The bread was pretty good too. It appears that they use very high quality ingredients, things like proscuitto and goat cheese. They also have soups and some lovely looking cupcakes and pastries, but I have not tried the sweets yet. If I remember correctly, the sandwich was $4.25 + tax.

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        ssioff--Doesn't sound half bad, actually. While the ingredients might seem skimpy, I guess if they are high-quality ingredients and the sandwiches cost only $4.25, that's perhaps reasonable. Thanks for the info. Seems like a place I should check out next time I'm in downtown St. Paul, which is, almost never. Oddly enough.



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          I went today and had a pesto-chicken-provolone-red pepper panini and it was great. I loved how it all came together and the bread was quite crispy. It was on the smallish size and did include just the 4 ingredients, but I rather liked it that way. It's $4.25 for a sandwich, 50 cents more for a drink, and $6.50 or so if you include a dessert. I opted for a carrot cake cupcake that was great. I may go back tomorrow for the mozzarella-tomato-basil panini.