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Jul 31, 2008 03:41 AM

Any places that serve good offal?

Cause I want some! I've tried to make good offal at home but I'm just not good at it. I need to actually taste some good offal to see what I'm doing wrong. Anyone know a place that has really good offal? Livers, sweetbreads, brain, all that stuff.

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  1. The "marinated combo special" at Din Ho and First China BBQ are always an adventure. Stomach, tendon, ears, tongue (my favorite), intestines (my least favorite, but looks cool) and maybe a gonad or three for good luck, stamina, and longevity.

    They probably serve uterus and pizzle, too, I just don't know how to order it. You can always get them raw at MT Supermarket.


    1. Haven't tried any of these, but Asia Cafe has pork viscera on the menu, not to mention stir fried duck tongues (boned). I have also seen pork kidney as one of the daily specials.

      1. Parkside has sweetbread on the menu, although I have not tried it yet. I believe there have been a couple of comments on it. Just search this board for "Parkside".

        1. I have some friends who are always finding Mexican (and other Central American) style offal items around town, but I'm having trouble remembering particulars. Two items though quite easily found are menudo (avoid Taco Cabana's rendition) and lengua (tongue). Many taco trucks have the latter as options for tacos. I also seem to recall that some Southern Soul Food type places (Gene's?) have gizzards on the menu.

          FWIW, almost every chef I know in town talks rapturously about such cuts, but ironically these are hard to find in restaurants (lack of demand most likely). I've heard that scrambled eggs with sheep's brains (oft served with avocado) is a very traditional dish in many Latin American countries, though I don't know of a place that serves it here. I would guess that there might be supply and liability issues.

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            The goat heads at Fiesta always look appetizing.

          2. I had some delicious sweetbreads at Chez Nous.

            I haven't had luck finding good sweetbreads to cook at home, only big beef ones.