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Jul 31, 2008 01:07 AM

Moving to Hollywood Sunday - Where will I shop?

Hello hounds!

The husband and I are moving to Hollywood this weekend and, while I'm really excited about it, am already missing my favorite groceries. I do most all of my shopping at A Chau, a Viet store, and Altayebat, a Middle-Eastern market and halal butcher and am traumatized by the thought of having to go through the hit and miss of new places to find that elusive combo of great ingredients and great prices. So, I thought I'd see where you'd recommend, knowing it will take the terror out of the process.

We'll be just off Hollywood Blvd., almost smack dab on top of Musso & Frank's, and I'd love some places within reasonable walking distance (for us anything around a mile-ish or two one-way) but don't mind a bit of a drive for a great place. I've read some recs for the Thai markets in the area and would love more info about which to try 1st. Our main client is near Little Tokyo, so we'll probably give A1 a go too, along with the LA Mitsuwa. Of course, we will also be looking forward to the farmer's market every Sunday, but would love to have some other options, especially for Middle-Eastern ingredients without having to make a big journey out of it.

Where are the great places to find some good stuff?
Thanks for the help!
-soon to be mangetoutLA

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  1. The LA Mitsuwa is good for Japanese produce. There's also Marukai on 2nd and San Pedro in Weller Court, but it's much smaller.
    There is a flagship Whole Foods opening at Sunset and Vine which looks promising.

    1. Jon's Market at Hollywood and Vermont or at 5311 Santa Monica Blvd. should serve all your Middle Eastern needs. There are several smaller Middle Eastern pastry shops, butchers, etc. in the area as well.
      At the Thai Plaza on Hollywood just east of Western is Silom Supermarket, the largest of the Thai markets. A bit further east, Bangluck Market is much smaller but also good.
      As far as a regular supermarket, you will probably have to go Pavilion's on Melrose & Vine or rock n' roll Ralph's on Sunset.
      None of these are really walking distance (welcome to L.A.!), but you're lucky that you will be able to walk to the the Sunday Farmer's Market.
      Not really in Hollywood, but if you're ever taking Sunset all the way downtown, you'll pass a Vietnamese market in Echo Park, A Grocery Warehouse.

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        Awesome, thanks! It's such a relief to know that Middle-Eastern groceries are closer than we thought. We pass by A Grocery Warehouse on our way to & fro and can't wait to check it out, along with the Thai markets. Even for a bit of driving (bah!), it's such a fun adventure finding new places we're too excited to bemoan using a little gas! Thanks again!

      2. For everyday things, Fresh and easy on Hollywood and Sycmore in the shopping center with the gym (forgot which one). Jon's on La Brea and Fountain is great for all things Middle Eastern. Thai town is a few miles away on Hollywood and Western. So many little markets like Bangluck on Hollywood Blvd. Little Armenia is just a few blocks away, also on Sunset and Western (?) It's close to the Home Depot on Sunset. I think your closest TJ is on La Brea and 3rd. I don't think you'll be walking to any of these places but it's worth the drive.

        1. Fresh & Easy on Hollywood Blvd is less than 1/2 mile (so within 1 mile R/T). Good combination of prices and quality, although no alcohol license at this location.

          Be sure to try the "Good Life" naans and pitas. Also the humus is pretty good. Excellent quality on the meats and fish.

          Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market
          7021 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

          1. I'll second the rec for Jon's Market for Middle Eastern stuff. I go there regularly for basturma, touma cheese, wines, etc.

            As for a regular market I always favored Mayfair on Franklin and Bronson. It was never too crowded, good service, deli. Prices are a little higher than Ralph's but it was worth it.

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            1. re: love2eat

              Totally agree about Mayfair vs. Ralphs.

              "Thai Town" intersects "Little Armenia" west of Western.

              So in addition to the Thai Silom and Bangluck mentioned by Chowpatty, there are some great little boutique Armenian places in the area.

              There are two on Sunset in the same center as the 99 cent store. They are both quite good.

              There is also one on Hollywood about 1 block east of the 101, on the south side of the street. This one usually has a nice variety of meats, olives, cheeses, etc.

              Also, there is Shirak market on Hollywood and Harvard, which has a nice meat case and many Armenian treats.

              1. re: lil mikey

                Ooooo great recs and so very close! Thanks! We'll definitely be checking them out.