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Jul 31, 2008 01:02 AM

In Search of Authentic Mexican Tequila

As a birthday gift, a friend of mine has kindly offered to bring back a bottle of tequila from Mexico. Does anyone have any recommendations for what brand I should ask for?

Ok, I know that there's some really expensive tequila, but what I'd really like to get is something that is authentically Mexican (and I couldn't get anywhere else) and costs no more than $100.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Ed in London

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  1. OK, some people may disagree with this, but I think your best bet is to hit the duty free shops on your way out of Mexico. If you are staying in Jalisco state (Puerto Vallarta, for example) the selection will be tremendous, and remember that all AUTHENTIC 100% blue agave tequila is purely Mexican and always from Jalisco. You will be staggered by the variety of brands available. Other cities in Mexico will also have a great selection. The prices are generally very good, definitely less than what you would pay in the US (or probably UK). Look for the ones without the export stamp, those are the ones that are not generally available outside of Mexico, and would make a great gift.

    Also, just my two cents, but I don't like Anejo tequilas all that much. A good Reposado can be great for sipping, and the agave flavor is much more apparent. For mixing, a good quality silver (sometimes called blanco) is more than adequate. Have a great trip!

    1. im sure they can find it where ever they are but from oaxaca there is a series of single-village mezkal by the name of del maguey. just not called tequila because its from oaxaca. all hand made, these are truely the most expressive examples of agave. with 100 as your budget you may be able to get 2 different village bottlings. much better than just one expensive bottle that may not be as unique

      1. NLF, I am a frequent traveler to Mexico and puro tequilero.I have over a 50 bottle collection of tequilas(also Bacanora, Mezcal,Agave Azul de Sinaloa, and Sotol), 90% of them purchased in Mexico.I need to know where you are going in Mexico.DF? Jalisco?Monterey? Are you checking any bags?Give me a little more info. and I will give you some tips for options under $100.Also, plata, reposado, or anejo?

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          I'm going to cancun and all over the yucatan peninsula, where and what are some of the best tequila's that can only be purchased in Mexico under $100 that I can purchase?

          1. re: xtonex

            Hello xtonex.Why don't you let me know where you're going to be, major cities besides Cancun to find some shops, and which airports you will be passing through.If you should happen to be passing through the Guadalajara airport, probably not, but they have an amazing selection.

            Look for Volcan de Mi Tierra anejo, the most outstanding tequila I've had in a while.It's only available in Mexico and should be inexpensive, I got it wholesale price at the tequila Expo for $15!!. Bracero is an inexpensive anejo, $25, and only available in Mexico.Esperanto is one of these fancy bottle tequilas,but very good, might even find it at a duty free.Duty free is a great place to find high end bottles for a good price.
            Couple years ago I picked up Selecion Suprema for $160 in the D.F. airport, last saw it for $225.It retails in the US for about $360.

            I think Tres Tonos anejo isn't available in the US, and I almost forgot, La Alborada reposado, one of the best I've had, also not expensive and only in Mexico.For a silver, look for Tapatio.I will check on more this Saturday when I'm in TJ and get back to you for more Mex only tequilas.

            Playa del Carmen has an amazing tasting room for La Cofradia, most of their 20+ tequilas including Casa Noble are all available in the US, but you can go in and taste everything they have for free.I was there for about 2 hours once and just about had it all.

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              Also Alma de Mujer, and Adrenalina in addition to the ones I've already listed as only in Mexico.Good Luck.

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                I'm also trying to find a source of Mexican version Tequila. The version that stays in Mexico. Not the export version or 40%. Most domestic Tequila appears to be 38%. Thanks Ed

                1. re: edbux

                  Where are you located?I mean if you're in LA or SD, just cross the border, you're in Mexico, and the tequila will be what you are looking for.I do the majority of my purchases crossing the border to TJ.

                  1. re: streetgourmetla

                    I'm looking for anything 100%. I live in Va. I prefer Reposado. I'm really looking for a trippy Tequilla. I do not know any other way to describe it. I had it once in Cozumel, and another time from Oro. maybe I just had real Tequila that was not cut with alcohol or anything else.

                    I do not like buying Tequila at my local ABC store. Regardless of cost, all of the Tequila is 40% instead of domestic Mexican version Tequila.

                    I found one site that will send Mexican version stamped Tequila however they are not dependable.

                    Please help .......Ed

                    1. re: edbux

                      there is no such thing as "trippy" tequilla

                      When you say "cut with alcohol" I THINK you mean 100% agave vs a joven. If you don't know what i am talking about you need to hit up a few websites and research a little. There are tons of very good tequlla that is "authentic" and sold in the US. I would head to the following places:


                      and look around because you aren't really asking the right questions

          2. Point 1: Have him buy something you can't buy at home.
            Point 2:
            Mexico imposes an exorbitant excise/export tax on luxury goods, and tequila over $40 (480 pesos) is subject to the "impuesto". Your buddy will feel silly lugging a Tequila across the pond for which he paid 60 euros, and see it for sale on Bond St. for 50. (I know, but euros are just beginning to be accepted as a currency in Mexico)
            I would settle for an Herradura Reposado all day long, and learn a good sangrita recipe to accompany it. Buen provecho.

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            1. re: Veggo

              Mexico does not charge export tax on booze. What you might be paying is an import tax.

              1. re: genoO

                There is a Mexican tax, or impuesto, on certain exported luxury goods, not limited to liquor.

            2. I would pick up a bottle of Don Julio at my local shop and call it a day.