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Jul 31, 2008 12:35 AM

UK Road Trip- Super Challenge!!

Hello! I will be on a 2 week road trip mostly through the Midlands and I am hoping for lunch recommendations in the cities on my list below. (Lunch only- I've got dinners covered at the hotels) I'm looking for inexpensive, good tasting, on the lighter side, with perhaps a bit of charm. Cafes, delis, great markets, asian, italian all interest me. Seeking a good quality/price ratio. Also, recommendations can be for any great places on route from one city to the next. Any suggestions??
I've heard Liverpool is known for Chinese. I think I may have already found a place there (Chilli Chilli), so the more suggestions you have for other areas would be much appreciated. Thanks!!


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  1. I think you will have got the Chilli Chilli recommendation from me. I'm no expert on Szechuan cooking, but the food from their Szechuan menu is really good and very different from the normal stuff you get in Chinese places. I particularly recommend the cumin lamb, the beef hot pot (it's really really hot - so if you don't have serious stamina for heat, ask them to make it mild for you) and the green beans with minced pork - but there's lots of other stuff that looks tempting. There's also a Chinese language menu, so if you ask, they will suggest items off that - they have lovely minced pork dumplings in a chilli sauce.

    If you're not in the mood for Chinese, it's worth going to the Delifonseca on Stanley St - it's a great place for lunch and does anything from meat platters through to porper meals - very good quality.

    You could also try Keiths Wine Bar for lunch - a nice atmosphere, good value and good quality food and very reasonable wine list. It's a few miles from the city centre on Lark Lane, but it's a nice area right on top of Sefton Park. There are plenty of other places I could recommend for lunch if you don't want Chinese - let me know if you want more.

    If you are driving between Liverpool and Preston, you can go on the A59 rather than the motorway, and there's a lovely pub serving very good food on the way - it's the Eagle and Child at Bispham Green - it's north of Ormskirk, just off the A59.

    When you're in the West Midlands, driving around the M42 can be a bit bleak food-wise, but try The Boot Inn in Lapworth - it is in a lovely location, has a beer garden and good food - and it's a mere hop, skip and a jump off the motorway.

    1. If you are travelling to Preston then I strongly recommend you make a detour to Lytham to visit the place I always have lunch. It is called Zest and is at 21 Market Square. FY8 5LW.
      The food is excellent and the service is second to none, and you dont need a second mortgage to eat there.