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Jul 30, 2008 11:47 PM

Indian food in/near Cedar Rapids, IA

I've been working in the Amanas for the past few months and can't get over a craving for Indian food. I did a google search and found a place in Coralville/Iowa City that had good recs, but it's been flooded out. So I'm turning my sights to Cedar Rapids. Is there any half way decent Indian food in Cedar Rapids that has not been flooded out? Or, if anyone knows of anything in one of the small towns near the Amanas, please, help!

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  1. Hello there, There are two Indian restaurants in CR, and a third one is in the talks or almost open form what i hear. I used to live in CR, and we had the Taj Mahal on a strip off of center point road at the intersection of centerpoint and 42nd street. Not the best you'd find. There is another one off of I-380 at the exit of Boyson Road. If you are heading north you would take the exit for Boyson Road and turn left on Boyson. It is right after you pass over the interstate on your right in a sorta weird space needle looking building.I cant seem to remember the name, but the food is wonderful, the decor is gorgeous, and very clean and curteous service. I would recomend you try that out.

    1. There's an Indian resto right downtown in Iowa City, across from campus, that I remember as being pretty good, but not amazing. I don't think that area got flooded out.

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        Heatherkay is right, India Cafe did not get flooded and has decent Indian food - I like the lamb dishes there. You could also try Masala for all vegetarian Indian - I really like their mango lassi! 9 South Dubuque St, downtown Iowa City.


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          You have to be careful at India Cafe though... Last week I found a pebble in my dal....

        2. Taste of India on Boyson Road in Hiawatha..

          Coming from the Amanas, just come into town, and get on 380 going north, and Boyson road will be the last exit you see before leaving the city entirely. You take that exit and take a right and you'll see a big shopping plaza and Taste of India is in it...

          Just google it to get the best directions, the place is a hit here in town