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Jul 30, 2008 11:26 PM

BayAreans Hit Canele 4 Times in 2 Weekends

In the past three months, a friend and I have driven down to L.A. twice (few days each time) for purposes of hanging and then taking down an art gallery show..

The first time we both were taken to dinner at Canele by friends. The next day I went there for brunch with the same friends.

Last weekend, we again came down. I had lunch with a friend at Canele and then dinner that same night. I changed my blouse so I wouldn't be recognized.

All 4 meals were magnificent. The duck confit last Saturday night was just too luscious for words, and went perfectly with the bitter greens (dandelion? Can't remember) salad.

At lunch I had the smoked salmon sandwich. I could only eat half because it was sooo rich. I had the rest for breakfast the next day. Btw, it was pretty huge.

I've tasted the clams with pasta and had the branzino (bronzino?), both of which were terrific. The first breakfast was perfectly prepared and delicious bacon and eggs.

I am really glad I live up here in Oaktown because I'd weigh 500 lbs and be broke if I lived anywhere near Atwater. That spelling looks wrong. Shame on me since I grew up in Silver Lake.

Anyway, I've been to Chez Panisse, Masa, Nopa, SPQR, A-16, etc., etc., and Canele is near the top of the list....just below SPQR.

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    1. Canele would be my first choice followed by Blair's when I'm in that part of town :-) Since you love Canele, you might also want to try Amarone on Sunset.

      1. So glad to hear it's still good, I keep meaning to get back there. Next time you're down, try to also check out Palate Food & Wine just a mile or two farther north.

        1. I really like Canele quite a bit too. Although does anyone else have a problem with the almost never changing menu?

          In the Summer months who is ordering the boeuf bourguignon? It's too damn hot. And a lot of their other dishes are fall/winter types... brandade, etc.

          I can only order the Branzino so many times...

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          1. re: sebi

            I too am flummoxed by the Canele menu being seemingly carved in stone.
            That said, they do the dishes on their menu very well.