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Jul 30, 2008 10:43 PM

What are your current Top 5 food cravings/addictions for MetroWest?

I thought it would be fun and informative to start this in all regions of MA to list whatever you currently can't get enough of, or are obsessed about, or can't wait to go back for from anywhere in the MetroWest Area.. You can come back and change yours anytime the urge hits...

I haven't been in MetroWest places for a while, but figured i would start the post with a few that I have...
--Noodle Kugel/ Kugels Deli Framingham on Rte 9. Just sweet enough without any junk in it
--Papusas, avocado red onion salad, homemade cheese and sour cream/ Mi Tierra, Moody Street Waltham.. Delicious homemade Guatamalan
--All around steamed hotdog/Casey's Diner downtown Natick..Actually havent had one for over 30 years and don't eat meat now and either does hubby but he wants to quit being a veggie for 1 day only, to try my childhood fave, which my family still goes to and loves
-- HotFudge Sundae- Lizzie's Ice Cream, Moody St Waltham. Also the coffee avalanche icecream
--Gardenburger Reuben/Joan and Ed's Deli Natick Rte 9--Great invention for veggie heads who miss a good reuben sandwich. It's the same as a regular, just with a veggie burger. I know this one will alienate a lot of you, so go ahead have yours with corned beef..

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  1. Shui zhu niu rou (beef in chili sauce?) at Sichuan Gourmet on Rt.9

    Luo bo gao and other dim sum at Green Tea 2 off Rt. 9

    Mushroom Gnocchi at Sel de la Terre in the Natick Collection

    Crab Salad melt at The Cottage in Wellesley

    Kinutamaki at Oga's on Rt 9

    1. Sechuan beef noodle soup at Green Tea 2
      Chips with curry at Stone's
      Yep, them dogs at Casey's
      Rabbit ragu at Tomasso
      Dry cayenne chicken at Sichuan Gourmet

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      1. re: trufflehound

        Aren't the dogs at Casey's steamed? I still haven't gone but steamed doesn't move me as much as grilled.

        I just read about that Abbott's frozen custard place in Needham in the Wed. food section of the Globe. I'm trying to think of a good spot to combine with it for a casual "main course" (burger, dog, sub) then get the custard for dessert. Anyone have a suggestion?

        1. re: Joanie

          Not a traditional pairing but what about a Gyro from Farm Grill, about 3 miles away on Needham St. in Newton,

          1. re: Food4Thought

            Farm Grill Gyro's the PERFECT match if I were doing it... Or go back down the road a bit and have some New England Soup Factory with a slice of Pizzapalooza all in the same building.

          2. re: Joanie

            How about a Pizani (like a panino, but made with pizza dough) from Stone Hearth Pizza, down the street?

            1. re: Joanie

              You can have them anyway you want. just so long as it's steamed.
              Most people order a couple or three "all around". They do a tremendous amount of business, for the size of the place. Everything is fresh, the owners & help nice and the service is speedy. If you've had Flo's of Wells, ME you've had better. Primarily because the topping are a lot more interesting. But Casey's is a Natick thing and all you need to know is that for four generations now, parents have been bringing their kids & their kid's kids. So the nostalgia factor is a big part of Casey's attraction as well. Hey, there's a lot worse things in life.


              BTW, I'm a little surprised that you haven't weighed-in on the current Springfield, VT thread on the N.E. Board

              1. re: Harp00n

                After all these years it still drives me crazy that Casey's looks at you like you're crazy when you ask for something as exotic as sauerkraut. I feel like I'm at the Durgin Park of hot dogs

                1. re: pondrat

                  True, but at least Durgin's rep is based on more than one thing and I go there knowing that. I still love the fact that during the Bi-Centennial the waitresses were brought together and told to tone down their famous attitude cuz they were scaring the tourists from Iowa!


                2. re: Harp00n

                  Man, I barely read the first page of the Boston board these days, was only on the NE board to find out about that Charlestown RI seafood festival, so I'll check it out.

                  I guess I'll have to make the trip to Casey's just cuz I like hot dogs and it's an institution (and it's my brother's name), but steamed are inferior in my book. I had Flo's only once and didn't get the special sauce, should correct that. BTW, there's a great dog/burger place in Bellows Falls (just outside Spfld), Fat Frank's, that you probably know about.

                  1. re: Joanie

                    Have no doubts about it Joanie, I'm solidly in the grilled dawg camp! The snap of a slightly charred, natural casing, all-beef dawg, bursting with flavor truly is a thing of beauty and right up there with The Perfect Slice. Thanks for the tip on Fat Frank's as I was unaware of it until now.

                    BTW,your brother's name is Casey? Are your folks Greatful Dead fans?
                    Also, HS reunion? Better you than me kiddo, better you than me!


                    1. re: Harp00n

                      My parents didn't rock in any way until they learned from us (and no Grateful Dead in this family). As far as Fat Frank's goes (this should be on the NE board), their burgers are killer and in my one sampling, better than the dogs.

                    2. re: Joanie

                      Agree, anyone heading to Stratton, Magic or Okemo should divert to Belows Falls to try Fat Frank's. Arguably the widest selection of wurst and franks I've seen, complimented by a wild array of mustards.

                    3. re: Harp00n

                      what comes on the "all around" at Casey's?

                      1. re: Gordough

                        The usual suspects: Mustard, relish & onions.

                        1. re: Harp00n

                          thanks. I didn't know if there was a special sauce or secret ingredient a la Speeds or Flo's.

                3. Have anyone (since sounds like you haven't been in MW much) tried Guanachapi's since they moved (or opened, not certain if Moody shut) to River Street across from Taqueria El Amigo? Particularly curious about the Guatemalan and Salvadoran dishes, but also curious how the margaritas compare to Paisano (decent strong margaritas with top shelf choices priced same as regular, food on Guatemalan side ok and delivery available, but Mexican/Salvadoran choices really lacking in execution so not rushing back).

                  Sort of cravings. I want to get back to Carro de Boi in Framingham, although have some Brazilian places closer in to try first... And am interested in the Hudson Portuguese club Wednesday night family style dinners. Slightly curious about the Brazilian restaurant which took over Vitoria's in Waltham. Oga's I really am dying to return, but having trouble getting friends out there. Also a few places I want to check out in Shrewsbury and Worcester which seem to have a fair bit happening.

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                  1. re: itaunas

                    Another Brazilian opened in the old train station. I'll wait a couple weeks and hit it on a weekend when all the meat is cooking which seems to be the best time for churascaria(sp)

                    1. re: trufflehound

                      Did you mean the old factory (on Crescent St in Waltham), not the old train station? Pls let me know how the food is. We ate at Victoria's once for breakfast, but hardly noticed any S. Am influence.

                    2. re: itaunas

                      Here's a recent (not-so-great) review of Guanachapi's on River Street:

                    3. Mostly Waltham places, since that is where I live and work.

                      -Tacqueria Mexico - whatever plate I fancy that day - but especially the chip and salsas that they serve as you sit down - I could just eat a couple of baskets of chips for lunch.

                      -Little India - buffet for lunch. Not a big selection but seemingly different dishes just about everytime I've been (which is about once a week lately). Not the boldest spicing but consistently good. And you don't have to beg them to keep you water glass filled.

                      -Bison County - Spicy Carolina wings - smoky, tender, juicy, and the habanero/mustard sauce, that they put on the wings and give a cup on the side, I could eat on a piece of leather and be happy.

                      -Mimi's Roast beef - Fried clam platter - not as high quality as the Clam Box in Ipswich but just as good and more reasonably priced than the rip off fry palace that is called Dairy Joy - and much better fries too.

                      -Lester's - Burlington - Satisfies my cravings for smoky meat since the smoke has all but dissapeared from Blue Ribbon's bbq in recent months.

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                      1. re: LStaff

                        currently in the rotation:

                        -tongue or carnitas tacos from Taqueria Mexico
                        - steak tips at Pepperoncini's
                        - cheeseburger and a hot dog at Casey's
                        - charred tuna "sashimi" app and fired calamari at Legals
                        - lg italian with everything from corrado's

                        1. Dom's Special (sub) or anything they make with Eggplant - Dom's Bakery in Waltham
                          Dog with Kraut with home brewed root beer - Hometown Hotdogs in Saxonville
                          Sicilian Sub - Tutto Italiano - Wellesley
                          Dried Chili Beef or Chicken - Sichual Gourmet - Framingham
                          Carne Asada - Taqueria Mexicana - Waltham
                          Porchetta sandwich - Waverly Market - Framingham
                          Rosemary Fries - Sel de la Terre - Natick
                          Cheesteaks - Carl's - Waltham
                          Blackend Prime Rib & Corn Pudding - Coach Grill - Wayland
                          Spicy Mushroom Soup - The Oregon Club - Ashland/Framingham border
                          Sezchuan Beef & Noodle Soup - Eoo-Noodle - Framingham