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Jul 30, 2008 10:31 PM

What are your current Top 5 food cravings/addictions North of Boston?

I thought it would be fun to start this post up, and have others do it for their regions. This can be whatever food item found somewhere North of Boston has you obsessed, or going back for time and again, or something you had and can't forget.. It can change from week to week etc.

My current Top 5:
--Salmon Katsu/HatsuhanaRestaurant in Danvers-moist crispy panko coated strips stacked like a Jenga game
--Blueberry Muffins/BlueCanoe convenience store bakery at Irving Gas Wakefield Ma. Exit 42 and other locations in Salem Ma, Haverill and all over ME and NH
--Shrimp Gyro/Zalek's in Wakefield--not actually on the menu..juicy bbq shrimp with yummy tsadiki on soft gyro bread. I get cravings for most of Zalek's seafood..
--Cheese Pizza/ Flatbread Pizza Company in Bedford..past the Burlington Mall. Cravable wood oven with sauce cooked in cauldron in oven and fresh vermont cheese
--Swordfish Greek Salad/Brothers Kouzina Rte 1 N. Peabody --Delicious chargrilled swordfish over a big greek salad with the best greek dressing. Its a casual but slightly upscale greek restaurant. Everything is good there..

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  1. Thunder noodles at Mango II, Tewksbury

    Roast beef with sauce and cheese at Nick’s Famous, Beverly

    Rippers (or more accurately, near-rippers) at Lawton’s, Lawrence

    Chili at The Grog, Newburyport

    Margherita pizza at Prince Pizzera, Saugus

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      Got some takeout today from Mango II, so that tomorrow I can either celebrate or drown my election sorrows in Drunken Noodles. Glad I remembered that this dish was mentioned on CH - it's excellent, as is the Indonesian Fried Rice with its topping of barbecued chicken, which I decided to try since my candidate spent part of his youth there. Not on the menu, but highly recommended, is the Curry Puff appetizer, 4 samosa-like chicken/veg pieces, served with the type of cucumber/chili sauce that accompanies satay in Thai restaurants.

      1. re: hiddenboston

        Hi Marc,

        I agree with most of your choices, except for the Pizza at Prince House of Spaghetti in Saugus. I find their food almost non edible. Is this the same place you are speaking of? And have you tried Angelo's in Stoneham? The pizza is excellent. :)

            1. re: Chris VR

              agreed....Prince "so called Pizza" is off the hook BAD!
              Give me Celeste Frozen before that!

      2. --fried haddock sandwich at the Causeway in Gloucester--HUGE (about 1 lb) piece of fresh haddock with nice light batter cooked to perfection, nice slaw too
        --Caesar salad at Stone Soup Ipswich--homemade dressing, very creamy with a nice zing from garlic, homemade croutons topped with roasted red peppers and grilled portabella
        --Stuffed Veal Chop at Zabaglione in Ipswich--very high quality chop, stuffed with fontina and Proscuito, makes all his own stocks so the veal demi-glaze nails it
        --Carmellina pizza at Ponte Vecchio in Danvers-carmelized onions, Motz, parm, cured ham and a nice sweet sauce, make their own dough and brick oven turns out a golden brown airy crust
        --desserts at Giana's in Essex--old Italian guy who used to run bakeries in E Boston recently opened this place, great assortment of Italian desserts

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        1. re: DemBellyFull

          mmmm.. i'm glad i started this cuz its making me hungry for some of these items. nice variety! Where's all the northshorers?? We can't let metrowest run away with this!

          1. re: chompie

            Agree chompie 20 replies to 4, waddup w that? I have several great restaurants right in my north of Boston hometown.
            Penang Duck from the Duckwalk
            Sushi from Sushi Island next door
            Whatever is on special @ Zalek's (b/c I've had everything else on the menu :))
            Lemon pepper fish over salad @ Farnhams
            Tuna Tartere and the cornbread and rolls from Turners Fisheries

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          1. ~ Gingerbread Construction Co. makes unbelievably hard to resist muffins - Winchester and Wakefield
            ~ Mango Duck or Salmon at Sato, Stoneham
            that's it so far...

            1. "Just" north - any one of many dishes (see other threads...) at FuLoon in Malden!