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Jul 30, 2008 10:10 PM


Can anybody suggest any good BYO restaurants in San Francisco?
Planning a wine presentation for a dozen or so people...
(The lower the corkage fee the better)

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  1. For a group of this size, the private room at Plumpjack is an excellent choice.

    1. Most restaurants allow BYO. I think nopa can accomodate a group of your size and their corkage was $15/bottle last time I went. I forget it the communal table at Piperade can seat 8 or 12, but I've done wine dinners there several times. Corkage is $20. Bushi-Tei is a bit pricey for the food, but corkage was only $15 last time I went and the wine service was incredible and the main table can easily accomodate 12 people. A16 is awesome, but corkage is $25. The Plumpjack rec is good.

      1. Use the "search this board" feature for title:corkage.