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Jul 30, 2008 09:55 PM

Korean lunch counter at Arirang (Cgy)

I was at Community Natural Foods today and decided to stick my head in Arirang in the Korean complex next door (10th Ave SW just east of 14 St)- I posted last year about having had lunch at their tiny lunch counter there and then it disappeared... well it's back and with a much bigger menu, 10 items and it looks pretty authentic (I'm assuming noodles with pork intestine isn't on a mall food court 'Korean" menu), and it's cheap- $6 for everything, at least as far as I could understand. They have one of my fave comfort dishes which is stir-fried rice cake w/ cabbage and onions and that Korean spicy pepper sauce, and I'll be sure to try it and report back.

I could, I have to clarify, be completely wrong about the pricing. One other thing- there are maybe three seats, so I assume they do takeout.

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  1. I do recall it shutting down as well after seeing it open during the lunch hour. If my memory is correct, circa 2006/2007, they were also selling some sushi rolls to go as well. Did they revert to a 100% Korean menu now?

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    1. re: jay_kay

      Yeah, 100% Korean now- I never even got to taste that sushi, which is probably just as well.

    2. Did they have those little rice flour cylinder things (rice cakes?). I have no idea what they are called but they used to be in the korean joint where Opus is now. It is in a spicy sauce and they are inch long white cylinder and they have one of the coolest textures I have ever eaten, real starchy.

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        I think you're referring to "tteokbokki"?

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          Yep, they do- note my mention of stir-fried rice cake. The texture is addictive I agree! Same substance as mochi.

          1. re: John Manzo

            That's the stuff, just googled it, rice cake is the worst name on earth, nothing like rice or cake. I can't wait to have some. What are the prices like?