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Four Peeps for $100 (or under)

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I will be visiting your lovely city thhis weekend from SoCal and must take three people I do n ot know out for diner. The Sizzler and TGIF will not cut it. Where can I take these nice people for a good / great dinner on the cheap? Thanks for your help.

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  1. any particular neighborhood?

    This should get you started:


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      Of the numerous places discussed in topic 359937, for four people on a $100 budget my first pick would be Angkor Borei. Second, Thai House Express on Larkin.

    2. Ty Couz in the Mission has excellent galettes and crepes. You could get away under $25 per person if people share dessert.

      Ti Couz Creperie
      3108 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

      1. Little Star Pizza
        Park Chow
        Osha Thai

        1. Ethnic.

          One thought is Great Eastern, where the Chef's special "Chinatown Selections" willl feed four well for $88 (before drinks, T & T):

          Minced Seafood in Lettuce Cup
          Shredded Dried Scallop Soup
          Sauteed Sea Conch & Scallops with Yellow Chives
          Fresh Dungeness Crab with Xo Sauce
          Sauteed Soft Bean Cake & Chinese Mushrooms with Tender Greens
          Steamed Fish
          Dessert & Fresh Fruit

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            My first thought as well. It will feed four generously and will feel very luxurious, not like you're pinching pennies.

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              I third this suggestion; almost noted it above but was a bit lazy. Thanks for including the menu, XY

          2. citrus club in the haight, suzu in japantown, el zocolo or la taquaria in the mission, chez mamaan in the marina or in potereo hill. cheers.

            1. Gialina in Glen Park is great. You can get a large salume plate, a couple of creative and delicious salads (many choices,) 2 pizzas, and 4 desserts for under $90. Wine would add more, but the wine list contains a number of affordable wines and they also offer a number of less expensive but quality soft drinks and beers.

              It's easy to get here -- it's just steps away from the Glen Park BART Station.

              2842 Diamond St, San Francisco, CA 94131

              1. Are the peeps from NorCal or SoCal...big difference in perception of what is okay.

                Any way, I second Park Chow and Ti Couz. Nothing mind-blowing but vvery good eats and no surprises on the bill and no ethnic recoil if their palettes aren't into it.

                If however they're into adventure...perhaps Yuet Lee on Broadway and Stockton. Hole-in-the-wall but great seafood. You could get 4 dishes (including a crab) for under $100.

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                  thanks - 2 from NoCal...2 from SoCal

                2. Heh -- when I first saw this topic, I thought, yes, generally Peeps come to about four for 59 cents around Easter. :)

                  If you don't know them well, you might want to review choices prior to finalizing your decision -- if you were out at some fabulous ethnic eatery with a "plain eater" it could really put a damper on the festivities...

                  1. I think the prix fixe (3 courses) at Le Charm is $30/person. A bit more than you wanted to pay, but a thought if someone in your group is squeamish about ethnic food. Of course, alcohol would add to that.

                    1. You might call to see if they are finished with the remodel and open, but Town's End has an excellent 3 course prix fixe dinner for $21.95. You can choose any entree and dessert. They have their own bakery so desserts, especially lemon meringue pie are great and there is an excellent bread basket with the meal.

                      I haven't eaten here but read positive things and is on my 'to try' list ... Cafe Divine in North Beach has a prix fixe for $19 that includes warm olives, soup or salad, entree, dessert and glass of wine. If you go on Sunday there is even live jazz

                      North Beach has a lot of reasonably priced restaurants. I've been wanting to try Sotte Mare which has $1 oysters.