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Breakfast in/near CBD

I'll be staying at a CBD hotel for a weekend in late August. What are some good breakfast spots I should hit, and are there any particular things I should eat (or avoid) there?

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  1. In the CBD, you may want to try Welty's Deli, 336 Camp St. It's a simple place/simple food, but it's good.

    In the Bywater/Marigny area, Elizabeth's is very good.

    Uptown, try Camellia Grill on Carrollton Ave.

    In the French Quarter, you gotta have beignets from Cafe du Monde. Or Petunia's.

    1. The Cake Cafe in the Marigny. On the Corner of Spain and Chartres. A Bakery that serves a Full Breakfast & Lunch . Great for a weekend breakfast.

      1. Blue Plate Cafe on Prytania is our favorite breakfast place in town.

        1. I second Blue Plate. A short drive up Magazine will take you to Surreys and a little more to J'Anitas. I prefer Surreys. In the CBD you can also try Lil Dizzy's, in the Whitney Hotel.

          1. Croissant D'or Patisserie

            617 Ursulines Ave.
            New Orleans, LA 70116
            (504) 524-4663

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              Is La Boulangerie still in the CBD? If so, how is it?

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                That branch hasn't been open since the storm.

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                  La Marquise is closed, but La Boucherie Coffee House is open at 339 Chartres..

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                    Not really a breakfst person but La Boulangerie satisfies my am sweet cravings with their almond croissants, cran/orange muffins, chocolate mini cake (forget it's name). Really miss their Ponce de Leon outpost.

                2. Luke has a great breakfast. One of Besh's places on St. Charles between Poydras and Canal. You can do buffett style (on which the quality can very depending on how busy they are/turnover of dishes). The buffett has freash fruit, pastries, homemade yogurt, biscuits with homemade jams or honey, Benton bacon, sausages, grits (to die for) eggs, and oatmeal. You can also order off the menu. Just make sure you get the grits. They are awsome. Waiter told me the secret was lots of butter and some marscapone cheese mixed in.

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                    Haven't done the breakfast at Luke yet. My fiance and I are going to give it a run on Monday. I am going to attempt to get my money's worth of bacon off the buffet! Thanks for the suggestion.

                  2. Slim Goodies!! They are a diner on Magazine st. they have great normal diner breakfast stuff, along with a wide selection of other really cool things things. I go with my friends on weekends for breakfast, I always get sweet potatoe pancakes, my boyfriend gets a cheeseburger, and my other friend gets eggs with black beans, avocado, salsa, tortillas, and plantains. >>>http://travel.nytimes.com/travel/guid...