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Snow cones in Texas - Best ones???

Oh my, I never knew the beauty of a true snow cone until the other day when I had my first, yes, first Texas snow cone. And it's no wonder! Like the corny dog, which I ate my first of last year... the snow cone was invented right here in Dallas, and sold at the Texas state fair.

Is anyone with me on this? Transplants to Texas... did you know what you were missing out on?

So, where is the best place to get a snow cone? The other day I had my first from a little booth in Keller. Jawlocking cherry and watermelon. Delicious! Nothing like the little balls of crunchy ice I've had elsewhere.

A true delight. Texas... you keep amazing me!

-- K

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  1. Keykey,

    If you want a more shaved ice kind of snow cone then try out the Hawaiian Shaved Ice stands that are located throughout the metroplex and they are a franchise I believe.

    Since I grew up in Irving I only know three places.

    Texas Cone Heads at Beltline and Pioneer (NEQ). I went here the most as a kid. Flavors were made in house, didn't skimp on the flavoring, had the option of a cream topping added to each flavor, and the cones were generally larger. - 3403 W. Pioneer Dr., Irving, 75061

    MC's Snow Cones on Hwy 183 (Airport Freeway) and MacArthur in front of the Carnival Food Store - this place has won best snow cone in the metroplex for several years in the Dallas Observer (for whatever that is worth). I think it was more of convenience that won the award for this place. I preferred Texas Cone Heads! - 1103 W Airport Freeway, Irving, 75062.

    Not sure of the Name but there is one on Story Road just south of Hwy 183 (Airport Freeway) before you hit Grauwyler Rd in the Plymouth Park North parking lot next to San Diego's Tacos. 1601 N. Story Rd, Irving, 75061
    (btw San Diego's Tacos has some of the best carne asada tacos in town and very in expensive, if you want a meal get the Carne Asada Burrito - still yet to be beat)

    Not sure if it is still there but a fourth snow cone stand on Story Rd just off Shady Grove in far S. Irving had a great shop that was in the parking lot of Cliff's Donuts/Burger Station. 2433 W. Shady Grove, Irving, 75060 - 972-790-2511. Also the Sonic in that area is famous b/c most of the taping for the commercials is done there.

    Also I googled snow cones in Irving and got this place - more of a candy store but they do have snow cones. This is an unverified rec so if it is bad I am just warning you.

    For a different treat that is common in areas where there is a large hispanic population the paletera. I am not sure where you are from so I do not know if they had these in the area you came from
    La Paletera on Beltline and south of 183 (actually on the NEC of Willow Creek and Beltline). It is more fruit cups with ice cream or frozen fruit bars with more tropical flavors than you find at the grocery store

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      i will totally check out some of these places as soon as i get back from wedding and honeymoon! i'll be haven't some sweet h'orderves at my pool party reception, then flying to orlando and hitting up disneyworld! i'll be sure to post about my wedding and florida culinary adventures!

    2. Stella's Snowcones in Oak Cliff were the stuff of legends....just off the corner of Marlborough and Clarenden.....anyone know if it is still in operation ??

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        I bet you are talking about Aunt Stelle's Snow Cones. And yes, they are still in business.

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          Aunt Stelle's is legendary in the Oak Cliff area.....even as an Irvingnite I heard about Aunt Stelle's. Thanks DFWGuy for adding that landmark! If I remember correctly it is on Clarendon.

          2002 W Clarendon Dr
          Dallas, 75208

          Also on Clarendon is Don Panza - one of the only Argentinian restuarants in the metroplex. The owner and his family are so nice I just have to recommend them. The empanadas are also tasty if you can get them before they sell out!


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            Used to go to Aunt Stelle's in the '60s. In '51 or '52 my Dad took me round the corner to the Ice House at 12th & Tyler (Southland) and they'd shave ice into a cup for us. Which brings me to: Is 7-11 #1 still at Edgefield and 12Th St. And what happened to Syble's on Fort Worth Cut- off? I've been gone for awhile.

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              animemom : I believe the 7-11 @ 12th. and Edgefield is still going strong ; as you probably know , that location is the original store for the chain . No such luck for Sivil's Drive-In on the Ft.Worth Cutoff. It has been gone quite some time now....I think they store trailers (as in 18 wheeler trailers) there now . A sad end for such a unique place that was once featured in Life Magazine .

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                The building is still at Edgefield and 12Th St, but 7-11 has been gone from there for a very long time. It is now ULAC.

          2. Snowcones and corndogs are the two foods my little one's gotten hooked on since we moved to Texas a couple years ago. He's been insisting I try a snowcone too, so I finally did. I figured it would be like eating bland ice, just like I remembered, but figured I'd humor him. You are right--it was a very different experience than I remembered! Canyon has 3 snowcone places, plus one that only goes to special events (and they take it to my boy's preschool/camp). I've noticed that the way the ice is shaved is different. I prefer the stop where the ice bits are so small, it's almost like a slushy. All of them pour on plenty of flavor, which is generally not too sweet and seems to stick to the ice better than I expected. Oh, the joys of low expectations.

            1. The Snow Cone stand on Business 77 in Waxahachie (yes, Waxahachie) is wonderful. They've got 75+ flavors and use the Hawaiian styled shavers that provide great consistency.

              1. I'll third Aunt Stelle's I used drive all the way down from Plano just to get one, when I lived up that way. One of the things that sets them apart is that they have their own ice plant on premises, most of your, on the corner shops, buy their ice and just store it. It really does make a difference in the quality and how fresh the taste is.

                1. Wonderful sno cone stand in Far North Dallas, on Arapaho near Hillcrest. I think it's called Rick's, and it's in front of the grocery store there.

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                    The husband and I like to walk up to this one on hot afternoons (such a great thing to have in the neighborhood). It's definitely good, and I think has gotten better since the change in owners.

                  2. We had them at all the Little League and up baseball fields in Houston. It was a meat grinder type machine that ground block ice into the consistency of fine ground burger meat and flavored "juice" was poured over it. It was pure heaven on a hot summer night after playing a game or watching. Toward the bottom of the cup, a slush formed, the best part. I was a grape, lime, or cherry guy. This was back in the 60's and 70's, anyone know if these still exist?

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                    1. re: James Cristinian

                      We just had sno cones at the closing celebration of VBS. The machine almost looked like a popcorn machine, but did exactly what you describe. There was cherry, lime, raspberry and bubble gum. I had a bubble gum one. So good and refreshing!

                      1. re: danhole

                        It did resemble resemble a popcorn machine. Forgot to mention that, we didn't have bubblegum, but I remember a banana one. That raspberry sounds good, but I think grape was my favorite. What's VBS?

                    2. Bahama, I believe it is Bucks, in Lubbock is the best snow cone I have had. They do a bahama mama rmama cone that has ice cream on bottom your lavor on top and a squirt of cream on top of it all!

                      1. Frisco, Texas - Next to City Hall...just ask for "THE SNOW CONE LADY"
                        Her sign is posted above the door, and on a hot day the line can go around the block.

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                          Love the Snow Cone Lady place in Frisco. Have been going there several years. Now that Babe's is next door it can be dessert after good chicken.

                        2. In my neck of the woods, Galveston County, people wait in line at the snow cone lady's stand in La Marque at the corner of Lake Road and Cedar Drive. I am constantly amazed at the amount of business she pulls in for someone that is only open from 1-6, and she pulls the cart in each day.

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                            Not sure if anyone's mentioned this yet, but Snow Beach in Austin. WOW. Better try a flavor that tastes good with cream and caramel because it will put you in a good mood for a week straight. Best treat I can imagine after a day at the lake or in the springs.

                          2. In Plano...in the same parking lot of Fiesta Food Store. I do not know the name, although they are open almost year round. The only time they close is when it is very cold. They let the winter dictate. The ice is shaved!!! The flavors are awsome, they cater to the hispanic community, they have authentic flavors you do not see anywhere else. They are so busy that they have a drive through on both sides!!!!!!!!! They have something called a knockout, that is icecream in the middle of your snowcone. It is unbelieveable. You have to try this, really, I never experienced something like this, and I am a Texan. ....................

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                            1. re: Jalli52

                              TC's!!! And I totally agree!!


                              1. re: childsplate

                                TC's Rocks! They will even bring a truck out to your location and do parties.

                            2. In Austin, my favorite is Casey's New Orleans Snowballs, at the corner of 51st and Airport. Casey's has incredible selection and the fluffiest ice in town. They have a secret recipe chocolate sauce that's amazing. And they offer sweetened condensed milk, too.

                              The various Sno-Beach stands (Barton Springs Rd., 34th & Guadalupe, and in the Fiesta parking lot at I-35 and E. 38 1/2 St.) are also good.

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                              1. re: mkwng

                                Ha Ha! Casey''s was a favorite of mine too in college! Can't believe it's still there!


                                1. re: mkwng

                                  Casey's rocks! It's the one place in Austin that reminds me of home. They are, hands down, the best snowball place around.

                                2. Repicci's Italian Ice kicks the crap out of any snowcone...anywhere. They sell it at McKinney Trade Days and other ballparks and venues around DFW.

                                  UNBELIEVABLE STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!

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                                  1. re: kingofkings

                                    stella STELLA STELLA!! aunt stella's in oak cliff is very GOOD

                                  2. If you're ever in the College Station area check out Fire & Ice located next to Blinn College. The original stand Ice is Nice is under new ownership and been remodeled. By far the finest shaved ice in the area, incredible flavors and with free wifi and added deck space it's a really great place to hangout! They stay open all year and have great lattes and cappuccinos as well.

                                    1. Had my first at Bob's Taco Station in Rosenberg. They call them "New Orleans Style Snoballs" I guess because they add cream on top? Or the ice? Anyway, I skipped the cream and had a blueberry. Super nice ice.


                                      Bob's Taco Station
                                      1901 Avenue H, Rosenberg, TX 77471

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                                      1. re: Lambowner

                                        New Orleans style refers to the ice. It makes a perfect ball, you'll notice the difference from a snow cone right away. We have a place in Deer Park that has great ones but in the summer the line is 30 people long almost all day long :-(

                                        1. re: texasredtop

                                          Actually New Orleans refers more to the way the ice is formed as a ball on top, not the ice itself as that was pretty standard for shaved ice stands.

                                          1. re: paytonb

                                            The ice is different too, shaved ice cannot form a perfect ball like the real deal. It doesn't hold up. The ice on a snow cone is thin slivers and the ice on a snow ball is compact. I'm not sure how to describe it but there is a difference. Snow cone makers form the ball but it just doesn't hold up. The snow cone is a little crunchy, like finely crushed ice.

                                            1. re: texasredtop

                                              I think you're confusing a snow cone with a shaved ice. The shaved ice is exactly the same as what is used in New Orleans, the only difference is the way the top is formed. Not only is the ice the same the machines used are exactly the same. Most "sno-cone" stands these days actually misname their product as sno-cones when they are actually shaved ice. All the good stands use a block ice shaver, usually from SnoWizard or SouthernSnow.

                                              1. re: paytonb

                                                Maybe my explanation isn't the best.

                                                Here are the two different versions.

                                                  1. re: texasredtop

                                                    Exactly, the ice is actually the exact same ice it just differs in how they make the top. I'm not a big fan of the cone style and even the snowball ones have to be done just right. If a cone is used or if the snoballs are compressed too much it forces air out of the ice and you lose all that great fluffiness that makes true shaved ice or snoballs so great.

                                                    1. re: texasredtop

                                                      I get it. I licked the NOLA snoball I had like it was ice cream. It acted like ice cream. You couldn't see ice shavings such as in the blue and yellow cone shapes above.