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Jul 30, 2008 07:39 PM

Virginia BBQ

What's your favorite VA BBQ joint?

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  1. The Silver Pig in Monroe VA. They do a killer East Carolina style pulled pork that's smoked out back. Great slaw. Great hushpuppies. Good peach cobbler. I very rarely order pulled pork now because after the Silver Pig oher places always dissapoint.

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    1. re: Cameraman

      will have to check it out...I really liked a place in Yorktown called the county grill? there are 2 locations...the one in Yorktown was really good! Thanks for the post!

      1. re: Cameraman

        Isn't Silver Pig Barbecue in Madison Heights?

        1. re: Hushpuppy

          You are correct. My bad. I left Lynchburg a year ago and the details are starting to fade.

      2. i like both buzz & ned's and TD's Smokehouse in Richmond. Buzz & Ned's has great ribs and sides - especially collards, bourbon apples, mac & cheese, hush puppies. TDs has great pulled pork and smoked chicken and yummy green beans. MMMMMM.....
        will have to check out the others as well.

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        1. re: AMFM

          I like Buz & Ned's and Benny BBQ on Forest Hill. Keep wanting to try TD's but haven't had the chance. I think Grandpa Eddie's is overrated but am used to being the cheese standing alone when it comes to some of the darlings or Richmond restaurants :-)

          1. re: Janet from Richmond

            Haven't been there yet but know the owners and they are really nice - so I know I'll want to like it! :)

            1. re: AMFM

              so we finally made it. i actually thought the ribs and pork were pretty good. i thought the smoked wings were fabulous. the chicken was "eh". the sides were pretty dreadful - except the cornbread which was tasty. i'd go back for wings and bbq sandwiches but not big platters. i think it was definitely a case of doing some things better than others.

          2. re: AMFM

            Buzz and Ned's is fabulous,but a bit pricey BBQ)!! Good beer selection too! TD Smokehouse is a complete letdown, bad service, and dirty. Buzz and Ned's is RIC'S best BBQ!!!!

            1. re: hhutchi25

              it's not really a service place. interesting. never noticed it to be dirty but i haven't been in a while. hope it hasn't gone downhill.

          3. The VA Pork Festival in Emporia never disappoints. Open bar might have something to do with that, though.

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              1. re: bythebayov

                Sorry for taking so long to reply. It's always the 2nd wednesday in June. Check out:

            1. I think my favorite is Cowling's on Rt. 460 in Waverly, VA. They smoke it out back in a log burner building. Sides are decent as well.

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              1. re: fcbaldwin

                Is this near Petersburg of Suffolk? thanks!

                1. re: bythebayov

                  It's just about midway between Petersburg and Suffolk. If you know where the Virginia Diner is in Wakefield, Cowling's BBQ is maybe 5 miles west of that. Like so many "real" barbecue places, the menu is sort of limited. They do have fried chicken, but I go there for the 'Q. They have their own vinegar based sauce but it's on the add it yourself if you want it.

                  1. re: fcbaldwin

                    hi frank, thanks for checking out the blog and for the nice comments...means alot, as for the bbq joint, what do you order...are you a traditional pulled pork kinda guy? What do you recommend?
                    :) Julia
                    ps. will prob check it out this sun (if they are open on sudays if not in the near mother in law lives in Petersburg and we take 460 from orf to get there)

                    1. re: bythebayov

                      Julia, your site is great! I love the pictures of the dishes and thanks for the wife is the cook and I've referred her to it.
                      Cowling's is open Sundays and there is usually a sizable after church crowd. I always order the "deluxe" pulled/chopped pork sandwich plate, which includes cole slaw and fries. Pretty basic. We usually also share an order of their onion rings, which are made from scratch there and wonderful. You will hear the guy chop-choping the Q behind the counter.

                      1. re: fcbaldwin

                        sounds like heaven!! I've gotta try it and will def order the deluxe plate and some o-rings :)

              2. I agree with previous posters. Silver Pig and Cowling's are pretty good. Sadly, the best one of 'em all, Wallace Brothers Barbecue in Lambsburg, closed two years ago.