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Jul 30, 2008 06:55 PM

Good Eats, Great Atmosphere & 2 Kids

I am looking for a restaurant for dinner. I have the following criteria:

1. Good food - Pls no recommendations for Rainforest or any other chain restaurants! I am in SF and want something that shows off regional cuisine. Seafood is good. I live in OC so have been exposed to Asian.
2. Good atmosphere - Something with a view or patio with great people watching since we are in the city - something that will keep the kids occupied too.
3. I have two young boys. They have done well with fine dining but something a bit casual probably would be better.
4. If they take reservations that would be great.
5. North beach/Embarcardo/Union Sq area is preferred

So far we have planned:
Sotto Mare
Hog Island
Golden Gate Bakery
Liguira Bakery

Thanks for your help!!

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  1. You don't actually think anyone here would recommend Rainforest or any other chain, do you?!? Good grief!! Try a board search for Fisherman's Wharf, North Beach and Union Square and you will get some ideas...Also check out the "New to this Board" post - let us know what kind of price range you are thinking of. How old are the boys? Are you saying you don't want Asian" A bit more info will get you much better and more useful responses.

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    1. re: dinnerout

      I seem to remember a very recent suggestion for Cheesecake Factory.

      For good food and nice atmosphere + patio, I say Foreign Cinema, but that's in the Mission. With 2 kids, you'd probably have fun in the Mission.

    2. Slanted Door, but that is modern Vietnamese.

      1. I have searched under family and actually saw someone recommending Rainforest! Also lots of recs for Boudins which I love but have 3 within 10 miles of where we live.

        I have searched under areas/locals but never really sure if the places fits my requirements esp the kids factor.

        Price doesn't matter but entrees up to $35 ok.

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        1. re: dhong140

          One Market is supposedly great and fits your location, price, and restaurant description exactly. I've never personally been there, though:

          I was surprised at how many families with kids were at Boulevard this past Sunday. The restaurant was very accomodating. The food is outrageously good and your kids don't need to be tooo adventerous. Location is exactly what you want as well (across the street from One Market) and there are also some good views to be had. The price is getting up there, though, main courses get up to the upper $30s.

          Your kids would probably love Scala's. The food is not quite up to the prices relative to the very best values in SF, but it is still quite nice, and great location for you and nice decor.

        2. You realize that Liguira is a morning place. By about noon or 2 at the latest they are sold out. You might like Zuni which is nearish Union square has great people watching and shows off the regional cuisine.

          If you are here on Saturday morning you should check out the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market at the Ferry Building.

          Town's End is casual, uber-kid friendly, shows off regional cuisine has a limited view of the bay, easy access to an outdoor area, reasonable prices and local cuisine oriented. Check to see if they have re-opened after a remodel.

          Rose Pistola might be a good choice in North Beach.

          Most outdoor seating in North beach is sidewalk and usually two tops. However, here;s a list of places ... one or two with a patio

          You can change the search criteria with view and neighborhood desired ... view embarcadero

          The problem with most view places is that the food is usually only average.

          Most San Francisco restaurants are friendly to kids.

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          1. re: rworange

            What, you missed and opportunity to point them to Murray Circle? Which is just next to the Bay Area Discovery Museum? Seems like a perfect food/view/kid friendly kind of place.

            Murray Circle
            601 Murray Circle, Sausalito, CA 94965

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              Not in the nabes mentioned. Doesn't soundl like they have a car and that bus ride over the Golden Gate Bridge would be a really unpleasant way to spend limited time.

          2. Have you tried Caffe Sport on Green Street in North Beach (just a few restaurants down from Sotto Mare?) Family style Italian with some seafood in a funky atmosphere.