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Jul 30, 2008 06:53 PM

Nico's restaurant Oak Park CA

This is near my house, have not tried it yet.
Something is putting me off, read a few reviews none good on other boards but this is
the only board I trust...
it is in oak park near westlake village on the lindero canyon/kanan area next to starbux!
anyone tried it yet?

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  1. I live just around the corner and I went a couple of times during the first few months they were open, but I haven't been back. The food is just very average. Not horrible or rotten, just average. I do recall that I was excited to find country fried steak on the menu, but was quite disappointed when they served me one of those frozen supermarket breaded beef patties with what seemed like canned gravy. Afterwards I asked the waiter about which items were made from fresh ingredients, rather than frozen and was told that "everything" is canned or frozen. I also recall having a hamburger there, which was passable, but again, nothing special.

    Now, like I said, that experience was quite a while ago. Perhaps they have improved since then. Honestly though, I've never heard a single person in the area say anything good about Nico's. Then again, I've never heard anyone say anything bad about Nico's either. The Starbuck's next door serves a mean glass of water though. That I can fully endorse without qualification.

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    1. re: creamfinger

      Living a couple of miles from Nico's of course we tried it a couple of times.

      Creamfinger described it to a "T", we've never gone back, just not worth spending the money to eat out for just ordinary food. The drinks were also just ordinary.

      I'll have to try the water at Starbucks, though. Can't believe it's any better than the water at Starbucks in Albertsons down the street on Lindero Canyon!!

      My recommendation is to drive a few miles (not many) and go to Brent's Deli in WLV. More choices, bigger portions and much better food (and drinks).

      1. re: LesThePress

        You bring up an excellent point. I will have to try the water at the Starbuck's in Albertsons. I'll report back with my findings.