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Jul 30, 2008 06:41 PM

KC-Tops for 2008

Lot of new places opened in KC this year (a lot closed as well). What is the best new place? I'd say my vote would go to Blanc Burger.

Also, I heard a rumor the owners of Blanc and the Drop split. One of them is taking Blanc, the other the Drop. Don't believe though there will be any changes... at least I hope not. Also, there is a new mexican place located where Swizzle used to be at Gregory and Wornall. Anyone been there yet?

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  1. We've been there but I can't give a real good review b/c I was coming down with a stomach bug right as we were entering....terrible timing, I know. Anyhow, I can say the margaritas were much better than the usual...not so sweet and tequila-less, if that makes sense. I took a few sips and then knew I was definitely NOT feeling well so I didn't eat or drink a thing past that point and, in fact, left to get home QUICKLY. But my husband and children (who are, believe it or not, quite discerning when it comes to mexican...they will not touch Jose Peppers with a 10 foot pole) rather enjoyed it. Except the server, who forgot to bring chips and salsa and then finally remembered after the 3 year old (the one not so discerning) reminded her loudly about the chips and "dip" (which was warm, if not hot????). So, in short, and without more parenthesis - we'll be back.

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      cool.... I'll have to try it. Nice to hear about the marg's. Any alternative to jalapeno's $25 pitchers of tequilaless concoction is a relief to me. I can be happy with average mexican food as long as the atmosphere, service, and most importantly of all, the rita's are good.

      1. re: clclark2000

        nicer vibe overall to jalapeno's. we went back the other night and the margarita was, once again, very good and full of tequila. they have real bartenders who make drinks...there's a concept! we all enjoyed the food. the salsa was warm again so i guess that's just what they do - as unusual as it was addictive, i'll have to admit. i hope they survive b/c we can walk there...huge bonus.

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