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Jul 30, 2008 06:40 PM

Perring Place Report

I dined alone at the Perring Place restaurant last night. This is an old style Baltimore place on Perring Parkway in the shopping center with the Home Despot. They have an older clientel with hired security parked outside. I was made to feel comfortable as a solo diner for which I give extra credit. I ordered the single crab cake platter for $15.50 with sides of fries and carrots. The cake was medium sized with nice lumps of crab. I can't say whether this was blue or asian crab but I guess blue as the meat was kind of sweet tasting. Overall a good crabcake. The fries were decent but the carrots were way over cooked.

I usually order the calves liver here which is about the best I have had anywhere in town. Unless you are craving liver I don't know that I'd go out of my way to dine here, but as a neighborhood joint they are worth a visit.

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  1. Thanks for the review. That Home Depot is the closest to my house, and my wife and I always wonder what it's like in there. (The outside is kind of scary looking, with the dark wood and stained glass.) Next time we're over there (which in a 73-year-old house, is often) we'll check it out.

    1. I go to that Home Depot all the time and the Perring Place, with its dark wood panels and security guard parked outside the door, always cracked me up. My ex and I decided to go eat there just to satisfy our morbid curiosity, fully expecting it to be "inedible food but worth the money for the life experience" kind of a situation. I was pleasantly surprised. The food, while not mind-blowing, was decent. Reminded me of The Peppermill in Towson; same type of food and patrons.

      1. I last ate there in sometime around 1986, when I lived in the area. All I remember was everything was just a little better than I expected, and we had no complaints about the service but it seemed like a bit of a time warp - which was OK for us.

        I heard a rumor several years ago that Peter Angelos owns this place. Does anybody know for sure? The same with the late, great Shane's in Timonium, which I believe was the Tail of the Fox before that and is now a shopping center. I do remember several memorable meals at Shane's - all of them good.

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          I love the time warp thing...reminds me of when my parents used to take me out to dinner...Try Pappas on Taylor at Oakleigh just down the street...same vibe and yummy crabcakes!

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            SuzyInChains you are correct. Perring Place is owned by Peter Angelos and for years his sister Sophia was the day manager. He also owned Tail of the Fox (it burned down on my birthday just after my Dad unsucceessfully tried to talk me into going there instead of to Samuel Owings because of the snowstorm that evening). Shane's was built on that location later, and was also owned by Peter Angelos.

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              While we're on the subject of "I've never been in there, wonder what it's like," has anyone ever been to the Tam-Tam restaurant on York Road, a little south of Northern Parkways? Advertises itself as Senegalese, but was closed the one time I stopped by.