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Jul 30, 2008 06:31 PM

Any real Dim Sum in CT?

I'm looking for a place that offers real dim sum, where they roll the carts around and you simply point at what you want. There are a few places that have dim sum offerings on the menu, but ordering off the menu misses a lot of the experience. I used to go to a place called "Dim Sum" in West Hartford, but it's gone now. Short of traveling to NYC or Boston, anyone know of another good place in Connecticut?

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  1. I too miss Dim Sum in West Hartford. But there is hope!

    Golden Dragon in Manchester serves great dim sum on Sat.and Sunday. Carts and all, they don't have the variety of the old W. Htfd., but what they have is great! It's in a strip mall near Buckland Hills. Very inexpensive; go at 11 a.m. and they will be fresh!
    1131 Tolland Tpke
    Manchester, CT 06042

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      Thanks for the suggestion. I live in western CT and make it across the river only rarely but I will make a point of trying this place. I'm going to NY next week and instead of hitting Chinatown I'm thinking of venturing out to Flushing where there are supposed to be some great places. Thanks again.

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        IMHO the 75 minute trip to Flushing for Dim Sum from Branford on a Saturday or Sunday morning is well worth it. Without a doubt some of the best Dim Sum in the country. Check out the Outer Boroughs Board for recs.

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          I agree with Chefstu-- and for those of us on the shoreline, expanded rail service on the weekend is a real boon.

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            I went this morning, left Branford at 10:50, was chowing down at 12:15.

    2. These comments about Connecticut dim sum are fairly old; restaurants come and go quickly. Does anyone know of any decent dim sum in Connecticut in 2009? Many, many thanks!

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        From what I hear the Great Wall on Church St. near Trumbul St. in New Haven is serving dim sum in the mornings, but I haven't been yet.