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Jul 30, 2008 06:03 PM

db Bistro or Vong--which is better P/T?

Both db Bistro and Vong have pre-theatre menus. Recognizing they are entirely different kinds of food, which would you recommend? One of my dining companions requested "something fun," but with an 8pm curtain, that seems a difficult task. We have one adventurous eater, one definitively not-adventurous eater, and one who is adventurous within the confines of not eating meat or shellfish.....

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  1. db is on the west side- very close to the theater district, while Vong is all the way over on the east side- which means you'll have to take into account the time it will take you to get to the theater.

    1. Vong is definatley not for the unadventurous. I haven't been for years (even though it is on the block where I live) because I always thought it the weakest of the JJ restaurants. DB is in the right area and has a menu that should cover both your friends tastes. That being said, it is not exactly fun. Chic, Tastey and Expensive, yes, but fun?

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        Agreed that Vong is the weakest of the JG restaurants. I wouldn't even call it tasty.

        I'd vote for DB Bistro. The show will be "fun." You want your dinner beforehand to be "good."

      2. Not a contest. DB Bistro. Vong is just plain bad.

        1. Thanks all. I've eaten at Nougatine, but never at Vong. Seems like DB is the clear front-runner. We usually go to Uncle Nick's or Roberto Passon pre-theatre, but wanted to try something new......