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Jul 30, 2008 05:25 PM

Charlottesville with my pooch

We will have our dog with us while passing through Charlottesville this weekend. We usually suck it up and don't stop anywhere to eat when he's with us, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a place with outdoor seating where they wouldn't mind a well-behaved Cocker on a leash. It will be breakfast/brunch/early lunch time.


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  1. On the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville there are many options that have excellent outdoor seating and virtually all of them will allow a well behaved dog outside. (If its raining that day, you'll have very few options in town, though Mono Loco has a covering on their patio and might allow a dog, I'm not certain of that though and would suggest a call to confirm.) On the mall, Cafe Cubano and The Nook both serve a full breakfast (Cafe Cubano has espresso and espresso based drinks, as well) and The Mudhouse has coffee and espresso and baked goods. Cafe Cubano and The Nook also both do lunch, I'm not sure of the Mudhouse's offerings.

    Cafe Cubano and The Nook don't have websites, but they're easy to find on the mall (which is Main St. in Charlottesville, literally).

    Also in Charlottesville, for the dog lover, is Sammy Snacks. Really delicious treats/cookies that are good for both people and dogs. Really. They're wonderful.

    One last also (because everything has been so on topic, I'm sticking this part in, too): if your pup needs a run - Darden Towe Park has a fenced area:

    1. Your best bet is to head to the Downtown Mall and sit outside one of the several restaurants there. It's been a little while since I lived there, though I visit relatively frequently, so take my recs with a grain of salt. But I think you can't go wrong with Hamilton's (upscale new American food), while I also liked Bashir's, which is mid-priced Mediterranean fare. People rave about Christian's Pizza (by the slice), though I was never overly impressed by their pies. For Thai food, you can try Monsoon Cafe, up a block or so from the Downtown Mall -- I'm pretty sure they have outdoor dining out front. Enjoy your weekend.

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        I'll warn anyone off of Monsoon; the food just isn't worth it, even to be able to sit outside with your dog. The other options otto_pivner mentioned are good lunch choices, though I'm not sure what time they all start serving if its "early lunch" as the OP mentioned.

        One other thought (if they still have a few chairs outside the restaurant) is Marco and Luca, a dumpling and noodle shop (very limited menu, you would go mostly for the dumplings). The food is delicious and very inexpensive. There are benches on the Downtown Mall where you could take take away and eat dumplings and noodles and such if they don't have outdoor seats available.

      2. ccbweb has great suggestions, as usual. The Downtown Mall is your best bet. The Nook has good homestyle breakfast, burgers and sandwiches. And Mudhouse has the best coffee in town.

        One tip: Sit at a table on the outskirts of the patio seating areas. Technically, dogs aren't allowed on those patios. But most Downtown spots allow them if they are tied to your chair away from other patrons.