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Jul 30, 2008 05:14 PM

ABQ: Recs for a great STEAK?

Looking for an Albuquerque steakhouse, or other choice for a great steak.

Any and all recommendations welcome!

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  1. It's been a while but I always liked the Rancher's Club at the Hilton. It's a bit pricey but great food and service. Great American Land & Cattle up on Tramway was enjoyable! Pauls' Monterrey Inn on Juan Tabo for a 70's vibe and tasty prime rib. Gil's Thrilling Website also has some recommendations.

    1. Sorry to report that Great American is out of business. That's the only place I've gone for steak (besides my backyard grill). The Monte Carlo always gets rave reviews though. It's only Central SW (west of the river).

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        I used to like the Rancher's Club a lot, and hadn't been there for probably ten years. Went back earlier this month, and very much enjoyed it.

      2. I would recommend Rancher's Club. A nice environment, with typical steakhouse fare. They
        burn different types of aromatic wood under their grill on different days, so consult their website and plan accordingly.
        I think this is one of the few restaurants in NM that is recognized by DiRoNA.
        Have Fun!

        1. Another vote for Rancher's Club! It has consistently served excellent meals, especially the steak. I have been going there since 2000 and it has never dissappointed.

          If you want to save a few $$, buy a dining certificate at for Rancher Club. A $50 certificate costs only $30 with a $2 service charge. They are good for 90 days. I have no connection to the site other than being a very good customer.

          Whisque Grill on the corner of Montano and Coors over on the westside is very good.

          [Black Angus 2290 Wyoming Blvd ; it's a chain but a decent steak.
          And honestly, Outback works too. ]