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Jul 30, 2008 04:59 PM

Restaurant Suggestions in NYC

My fiance and I are getting married in November and plan our honeymoon to NYC. We have reservations at the Novotel in Times Square.

Although most plans are in place, the vast array of restaurants in Manhattan has us wondering which ones are worth the visit. Experience of other New Yorkers or tourists will be very helpful in narrowing the selection. Prefer restaurants close to Times Square but willing to do a little walking for a special place. Price range should be in the $30-35 for dinner.

Our choice of food is pretty wide range with steaks, seafood, BBQ, Italian, Chinese, pizza, and burgers topping the list.

Will you share some of your experiences dining in NYC? Thank you for your reply.

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  1. For your benefit (and so you will get some replies) please be more specific. There are 20,000 restaurants in NYC, great ones for every type of food, ambiance, price and neighborhood.

    1. Are you adventuress eaters? If you have never had dim sum suggest you got to Chinatown or Flushing (do a search on the Outer Borough Board for suggestions). You may also want to do RGR's Lower East Side food tour. Thanks for providing cuisine preferences. In additition, providing a price range and neighborhoods of interest might make it easier for us to give you suggestions. Congratulations!

      1. > Prefer restaurants close to Times Square but willing to do a little walking for a special place. > Price range should be in the $30-35 for dinner.

        Note that you can also easily take the subway or a taxi to most anyplace in NYC. From Times Square, you can get to most of Manhattan very quickly since nearly all of the lines converge there.

        $30-35pp? Or total? Does that include tax and tip and beverages?

        Where are you visiting from? We can more easily recommend things that you can't get in your hometown if we know where you're visiting from.

        It's your honeymoon, are you considering a more upscale splurge dinner to celebrate? A nice steakhouse, a fancy seafood restaurant, maybe upscale Italian?

        Advice for tourists:

        Times Square eats (or lack thereof):

        RGR's Self-Guided Gustatory Tour

        Oh, and if you like burgers, checkout For pizza, there was a recent tourist report of someone who tried out SEVEN of NYC's top joints on And for quick Times Square lunches checkout but his site is geared mainly towards time-pressed office workers.

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        1. re: kathryn

          Thanks for your comments. Since it is our honeymoon, I would be looking for more of an upscale dinner to celebrate. Coming from Wisconsin so looking for something different than the everday fast food chains. Price range listed excludes tax, tip and beverage and would be pp. Thanks again.

          1. re: JT4ex7fd

            HI there JT4ex7fd. I assume you are the fiance of Tig73ct2? How much are you willing to spend for your upscale dinner?

            I think it will be difficult to do a nice steak dinner for $35pp, which would be with sales tax (8.375% in NYC) and tip (20%) about $45 total.

            For seafood, you could probably do somewhere casual like Aquagrill, Pearl's Oyster Bar, Mermaid Inn, or Tides.

            For BBQ, I'd do Hill Country as it's a fun experience. They have tried to recreate a Texas style BBQ joint in NYC with live music, wooden tables, paper towels on the tables, eating with your hands, ordering from a station and getting your food on a big butcher paper.

            For Italian, I'd go to Lupa or Otto, but I'm a huge Mario Batali fan, and everywhere else I can think of might be too expensive. Maybe 'ino or 'inoteca.

            For Chinese, I love spicy food and consequently really enjoy Grand Sichuan and Szechuan Gourmet. I also really like Nice Green Bo (fka New Green Bo) for sentimental reasons, but I've heard downhill reports which I can't confirm since I always order the same exact dishes. Peking Duck House might be a novel experience for you guys. It's one of the few white table cloth joints in Chinatown and the Peking Duck is great. For dim sum, I'd do Dim Sum Go Go.

            For pizza, my current favorites in Manhattan are Luzzo's, Una Pizza Napoletana, or Patsy's of East Harlem (and only that location). If you are willing to go out of Manhattan, the world of great pie opens up a bit to include Di Fara and the Coney Island of Totonno's (and only that location is good). John's of Bleecker is an OK choice if you need to stay in the West Village or Midtown, otherwise, go somewhere else. Grimaldi's in Brooklyn is historic also has a *great* location but I have problems with their quality control. You will heard a lot about Artichoke on these boards but IMO they don't make true NY style pies. Ditto for Otto. Lombardi's is historic but I gave up on them after one too many soggy pies. NB: Most of the places that are reputable in NYC do not serve slices. The exceptions are Artichoke, Di Fara, and Patsy's, off the top of my head.

            Good burgers around the city...well, it really depends on what kind of patty you like. Thin 4 oz or thick bistro style? Do you like your patty really lean or fatty? Are you OK with sauce on it (In and Out style)? What about specialty cheese? My preference tends towards the thin kind and really fatty, well-seasoned beef, so I always end up at Shake Shack. This is a hotly contested debate.

            1. re: kathryn

              Thanks Kathryn, you have been a great help and yes I am the fiancee of Tig73ct2. Since it is our honeymoon, I am willing to splurge a bit more so any further suggestions of really special places is appreciated. I want to get out of the Times Square crowd but want to stay in safe areas too. Thanks again.

              1. re: JT4ex7fd

                Most of Manhattan is safe these days, so do not fear! Especially neighborhoods where splurgy restaurants are located. What's your preferred cuisines and price ranges for a celebratory night? I would also do some searches for where other people have gone for birthdays and anniversaries. Some usual suspects: Gramercy Tavern, Eleven Madison Park, Daniel, Babbo, Le Bernardin, Jean-Georges...

              2. re: kathryn

                Thanks for your helpful suggestions. Since it is our honeymoon, I am willing to splurge a bit so any special places you could recommend is appreciated. Thanks again.