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Jul 30, 2008 04:41 PM

Seafood Dallas?

Looking for recommendations of seafood in Dallas. I am not looking for "fancy" seafood more like family and fun type of place. I really like "Nate's" in Addison and I think Fishmongers and Big Easy Sandwiches in Plano are good as well.

These are the kind of places I am looking for. Any other recommendations along these lines? Haven't tried the Shucks (Big/Aw, etc.).

Razzoo's is okay if you just want something fried, but not much selection other than that.

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  1. if you're adventurous, take a trip to Gran Machu Picchu in Dallas (on NW Highway now, not Garland RD) and try the ceviche. For like $11 you get 3 times what you'd get at a fancy place, and more authentic (no tomatoes). Hopefully it's still open, I haven't been by there in almost a year.

    A lot of Vietnamese and Thai places will do a whole fish, fried or steamed. I've had catfish at Quan Kien Giang and Red Snapper at Jasmine. Both were alright but to be honest I'd rather have a more interesting fish than either of those options.

    The best fish I had in town was at Masami, it was escolar on special and I think I was just lucky because it was...incredible. It wasn't listed on the specials last time I was there, but now is a good time to get Aji (Spanish mackeral) at least I think it's still a good time.

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      Lefty's Chowder House in Addison is great. Very laid back atmosphere, don't have to dress fancy and pricess aren't too high.

    2. The S & D Oyster Company in Dallas is a New Orleans style seafood restaurant with raw oycters, gumbo, shrimp cocktail, broiled fish, etc,

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        You might also try the orignal aw shucks on Greenville Ave once it cools a bit. The more indoor Big Shucks (several around town) is also good.

        You might also try the fish tacos at flying fish, I personally like the Sache location best.

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          second your recommendation of S & D Oyster Company ; there is a reason they have been around for 30 years (hard to believe it's been that long) .......

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            Second the S&D recommendation....Delicious...

          2. Calle Doce does mexican seafood. Nothing too exotic, but it's typically pretty good and reasonably priced. The one in Oak Cliff has a larger patio and definitely family friendly.

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              I like Rockfish. Plano location. Specifically fish tacos or salmon salad.

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                Thanks for reminding me about La Calle Doce in Oak Cliff. They have many types of ceviches and offer many dishes with octopus. I have always found their seafood to be very fresh.

                If you're spoiled on good margaritas, just order a beer there.

              2. Nate's is great for boiled crawfish but the rest of their food is pretty uninspired and the service can be uneven.

                I've recently discovered Flying Fish and really like it.


                1. Sea Breeze Fish Market and Grill in Plano (Spring Creek and Preston)