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Jul 30, 2008 03:59 PM

Giverny at Mirbeau in Skaneateles

I have stayed at the Mirbeau Spa in Skaneateles before, but never have eaten in the restaurant there, Giverny. I will be going with a co-worker for dinner next week and have a few questions.
How dressy is it? We will have business suits with us but would summer dresses also work?
There are no prices online, so I can only assume it is pricy. We are expensing it, so it's not a HUGE deal, but I would like to have a ballpark figure.
Finally, it looks like you have a choice from the menu, as opposed to it being a set menu. If this is the case, what are some of the specialites?


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  1. I've been and had a great meal, but do not remember what we had.
    Summer dresses will work.
    Prices were reasonable.

    1. We were there last summer. Can't remember the food exactly but all was very delicious. Odd that can't remember any of the exact items I believe the menu changes regularly and am sure you have seen the link but just in case...

      Summer dresses are fine. On price, depends what you consider reasonable. We live near NYC so used to expensive and I recall this as being not nearly as expensive as you'd pay for a five course tasting menu (which is what we all had) in the city. I think about $75pp without drinks but not sure.

      If weather is nice, sit outside. It's lovely.

      1. I wanted to report back on my dinner! OUT-STAND-ING! I usually do not gush about meals and it takes a lot to blow me away but wow! I did the 4 course tasting (with 3 amuse bouches). I started with a soft shelled crab, which was followed by a watermelon/tequila soup. Then the second was foie gras, which was prepared with a pineapple/cherry sauce and served on a polenta cake. THIS was the highlight of the meal, IMHO. That was followed by the chef's take on bagels, lox, and cream cheese (smoked salmon on brioche). Third course was venison crusted with cinnamon, chocolate and cayenne. That was followed by honeydew sorbet. Dessert was Chocolate and Croissant Bread Pudding, which was also served with warm lemon Madelines.

        Service was attentive, but not overbearing. We felt like we were taken care of from the moment we sat down to the second we left. This may be the best food I have ever had. I have been trying to find a "complaint" and the only thing I can think of is that the room could have been better set up...this was the type of place that it would have been great to have "nooks and crannies" to sit in to enjoy your meal in a bit more quite. Instead, the room was a bit loud, with low backed chairs and a bit cavernous. I guess it goes with the motif of the Spa.....which was great also, BTW!

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        1. re: L_W

          Thanks for the report.. glad you enjoyed!
          We ate outside on a beautiful night.

        2. So since this meal, I have been thinking about their food. I had a chance to return, and this time I opted for lunch. I did the 3 course tasting and added dessert. The Sweet Potato Soup was GREAT! Creamy and well-balanced. I then had the seafood salad. This was only so-so. The crab claws were a bit frozen but the shrimp were huge and sweet but overall it was a slight miss. I also had the fish of the day which was red snapper. It was nicely prepared and enjoyable. Dessert was the pumpkin cheesecake. WOW, it was very very very good! My friend had the Mood Altering Warm Chocolate Cake, which had also wanted to try the last time I was there. Not a huge fan. I guess it was more not what I expected. It was a small piece of cake...kinda flourless cheescake beat it by a mile! Again, service was very pleasant. Not as formal as for dinner but still very friendly.

          Can't wait to go back to go back for dinner.

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            You sure were lucky!
            We did lunch there a while ago also.
            The open steak sandwiches at almost $30.00 each were cooked well-done although we asked for medium rare.
            The veegetables were cold also.
            We got satisfaction from the waitress and mangement but for the prices this place charges you'd think they could get a basic meal right.
            I had to show the barmaid how to make an Old Fashioned;she had never made one and then I got charge $15 for the drink!
            We went back to the Sherwood Inn the next day and had the same meals,cooked the way we wanted them cooked ,the first time,and the drink was only $5 there.
            Mirabeau is a fancy,very over-priced for what you get kind of place.
            All imo,of course.