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Jul 30, 2008 03:19 PM

Trader Joe's like store in Dublin Ireland???

Hello everyone! I'm currently in Los Angeles but will be studying in Dublin come this September. I am a regular shopper at Trader Joe's and will miss it dearly when I'm away. I was just wondering if anyone knows of a similar shop in Dublin??

Thank you!

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  1. What are some of the things you love from Trader Joe's? I've lived near London for 4 years and still miss Trader Joe's like crazy. There is really nothing quite like it over here, but many of the things I bought at the store can be found in different places if one looks around. After awhile, it's more fun buying the products here that can't be found in America and expanding one's horizons a bit. Dublin is wonderful, and I'm sure you'll enjoy every minute there.

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      Well, my main concern is stuff like tofrutti, veggie burger patties, soy chorizo, and veggie sausages. I'm a vegetarian and Trader Joe's and Whole Foods market are vegetarian friendly.

      I'm with you on expanding my horizons as long as animals are not involved : )


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        There are a few good vegetarian brands (at least in England) and hopefully in Ireland, too. They make all sorts of good-tasting things and many are soy-based... canelloni with mushrooms, burgers etc. They're in every supermarket. I haven't seen soy chorizo but I'm not a vegetarian and probably don't search like you do. It's only in the last 4 years that I see a difference in how many low-calorie products are in the shops.. luckily, there are a lot more than when I arrived.

    2. and living here in Dublin 13 years. No from what i hear about the trader jow products there is no one store like it here. I shop several places for different things some food markets and some specialty shops for Asian or Italian products etc. Its not cheap here either!

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        I heard that Aldi was owed by the same people that own Trader Joe's. How is that shop?? Do you have any recommendations for a vegetarian shop that would carry tofrutti, veggie burger patties, soy chorizo, and veggie sausages?? I know the prices there are high... i'm not looking forward to it : (

        Cheers for the help!

      2. In short, no. There are no stores like Trader Joe's that have gourmet healthy foods at low prices. You sort of have to pick one or the other here.

        I don't shop at Aldi, but I've been in one and it was very much like a low-end Safeway type of store. I also used to be a Trader Joe's junkie and haven't found the transition easy. Every time I go back to the States I bring a lot of TJ's stuff with me.

        My two favorite high-end stores are Fallon and Byrne :

        and Fresh. (There are a couple, one on Camden St, one in Smithfield and one by Gallery Quay).

        Both of these places are great, but completely overpriced from what you are used to. If you're only spending a school year here, I guarantee that you're going to end up getting scurvy because 9 months isn't long enough for you to become beaten down enough to break down and start spending what you need to eat well. Most people I know that come over for short periods of time end up eating nothing but ramen and potatoes and chipper fare and moaning about it a lot. It's only after at least a year or so that one finally caves and starts spending insane amounts of money on food. For example, a cup of blueberries will run you about $7. That said, the pubs here are fantastic!

        I'm not sure about the vegetarian angle, but I know that I've seen a lot of veggie-burger type things around and some of the local brands are said to be very nice.

        1. I am American and got back from Dublin
          Try Marks and Spencer, you'll find some amazing food there,
          Fallon and Byrne is really really good too.

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