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Lisa Garza

I'm not going to lie...on Sunday I sort of got sucked into the last 3 episodes of the Next Food Network Star. And from the first hour, I totally thought Lisa had it in the bag! There is something so fascinating about her...I can't tell what it is. With her talent, organization and all around "Martha Stewart"-ness, I thought she'd win!

What did you think of her?

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  1. I thought she was smart and stylish and wish her well! Loved her point of view...Win some, lose some. She will land standing.

    1. I thought she had potential to be a food network star. I would of watched her. I would of loved to see more of her cooking some of her classy French dinners and I felt she really could cook when she did.She nor any of the others really got to do that. They had them do these silly challenges that made no sense nor were they vital to the important decision in choosing that person. It was all so carnival like. Giving ingredients like marshmallow cream, and sweet fruit ceral for fish dishes. HUH?
      Who thinks up this stuff?

      After seeing her test pilot I think I would of watched her. Honestly, I can't take RR, Sandra Lee, Paula, or Giada anymore. Ingrid made a whale out of a watermelon the other day, and some horrid kiddy food. I just kept think how awful, that's our choice.

      I am very happy for Aaron, so far the commercials look really good, and he seems as though he can cook too.

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        Reductio ad absurdam of a food network challenge: You have 10 seconds to create a 5-course meal for 700 people using only water!

      2. The editors started out painting her as the witch at first, and I didn't like her attitude at all. As the series progressed, they toned down the snootiness and made her more vulnerable, more human. The turning point for me though was in Vegas when she gve Aaron that little look to remind him that he had only five minutes left and hadn't started his second dish yet. If that really happened as they portrayed it, well that definitely shows me something about her character. I doubt it cost her the competition, since they obviously had made their decision already, but anyone who would do that is all right by me. In fact, one of the only reasons I continued to watch was that the contestants seemed to genuinely like each other. Usually, the nastiness and cutthroat competitiveness of these shows (see Top Chef) turns me right off. My guess is that the show will do Lisa's career far more good than it will Aaron's.

        1. I was hoping she could tell us one more time how she mastered the dish when she was 13. Mastered..nice ego. Keep telling us how good you are.

          1. On the first episode I hated her. But she warmed up and I think she should have won.

            Now that I've read the interview with Nipa (posted in another thread), I wonder if they sent her in on that first day in the way she appeared or if that was her idea. I wonder.


            1. If you look at bio info about Lisa, she's very upfront about the struggles she had as a child - a parent with mental illness, abuse (not clear on exactly what), and a personal, still ongoing battle with ADHD.

              If you look back on some of the challenges she had to deal with on the show, it makes you wonder if the producers purposefully handed her things her ADHD would have problems with - like the Vegas promo spot. If you watch her struggles, it seems clear this "disability" (in addition to the shear nervousness any of us would have had in her place) might have been making it more difficult. Were the producers clueless regarding this, or did they purposefully set her up to create more of the drama these reality/competition shows thrive on?

              As for her wardrobe that she's taken a lot of flack for, she has been clear that her designer outfits are from second hand and vintage shops, or gifts from designers she's done catering and events for. As her husband put it in an interview, they don't make nearly enough from their restaurant to even think about buying designer clothes new.

              Lisa's also heavily involved in children's charities, particularly those revolving around disabilities and abuse, and hopes to use her new celebrity to benefit those causes, which was her main hope in getting involved in TNFNS in the first place.

              And I suspect she'll end up with her own show somewhere, even if it's a local Texas thing so she can stay close to home, restaurant and family.

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                The only thing clear about her wardrobe is that the story she tells about the clothes kept/keeps changing.

                First it was a three hundred dollar blouse.
                Then is was gift.
                It was bought on sale.
                Then it was a second hand item.
                Most recently she picked up a whole bunch of top designers item at fashion week.

                And my favortie...she wares these high end items not for herself but for the good of others.

              2. I was pulling for Lisa. The FN folks said they wanted someone that could go to work the next day. Since Arron lived across the river maybe that was the deciding factor. Good luck to Lisa.

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                  I felt the Food Network undercut the gravity of the long competition by not sharing with the viewers their real thinking in the final decision. What they did say about the finalists sounded like feel good PR BS.

                  My guess is that not only did the winner have to be able to work the next day, but she had to fit their unspoken programming aims. I thought for sure Lisa or Adam would be the winner. Congrats to Aaron. I hope great opportunities come to both Lisa and Adam as consolation.

                2. I liked the food she prepared. I liked her style. Her personality grew on me over time. But I did not like how she came off on TV. There was way too much nervous energy that drove me up the wall. You could hear it in her voice and see it in her exaggerated motions.