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Jul 30, 2008 02:57 PM

Larkspur...a canadian chow looking to dine!

Hi there am in Larkspur for business and looking for a good place to eat! I am a foodie and am want to enjoy my 2 dinners in town.
Thanks fellow chows!

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  1. Here's some ideas

    Picco pizza is very good ... it is upscale pizza. The Strauss creamy soft serve ice cream with olive oil and sea salt is very popular. Good wine list. Link to website and past reports in the above. I don't like Lark Creek at all. It was once a nice restaurant that backslid as the chef opened more and more restaurants. Same owner as the nearby Yankee Pier which is a little better. A california take on New England seafood. Better than Lark Creek but not great.

    If you drive down to Sausalito, Fish is an excellent restaurant. Also in sausalito is sushi ran,a highly regarded sushi restaurant, Murray Circle with a chef that earned two Michelen stars at another restaurant and Le Garage which has been getting some buzz lately.

    Marche Aux Fleurs in Ross has always had good reports.

    Hope you write back about where you ate. All the above can be found through the first link and search on the name in the places database. There will usually be a website and linked reports.

    Nearby San Anselmo has Fork and Insalata.

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      I like Picco (restaurant) as well as Picco Pizzeria. But I agree, no reason to stay in Larkspur.

    2. Fabrizio for authentic Tuscan ( on Magnolia across from Emporio Rulli

      1. Not for dinner, but Emporio Rulli for lunch, breakfast, coofee or italian style pastry. If they have it this time of year, the Pannetone is excellent.

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        1. The Left Bank is one to try, new chef on board now... in the heart of Larkspur.

          1. Left Bank under Scott Howard is much improved and actually pretty bloody good. Disagree with the Fabrizio recommendation below - it's mezzo culo at best.