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Jul 30, 2008 02:32 PM

Need recs for Kennebunk, Maine...

What's the latest regarding the food and dining scene up there...we will be staying in Kennebunk but don't mind moving about...all price ranges ok...visiting in a few weeks. Thanks, Chowhounds...

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  1. Not sure if you are looking for Kennebunk or Kennebunkport but since they are next to each other: 1) Hurricane- somewhat upscale but casual very good food. Has been around for a long time. I recommend thier baked stuffed lobster ($45) but we share it ($5 plate charge). Great oysters on the 1/2 shell. Nice menu, good service. On the river over the bridge on the left. Bandaloop- nice food made with local ingredients.
    The Clam Shack- on the bridge- great fried clams. White Barn Inn- very fancyh, very expensive, very pretentious. Not my favorite but there are those who swoon over this place.

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      Not to many know hangouts in Kennebunk, but plenty in Kennebunkport. As mentioned there is a place Called Allison's for lunch,which is very good. I will post a few places on this page and you can look at them and there menu's and you decide. ( and ( ( and ( and( and( I hope this will give you an idea as to whats around in the area. There are others. Good luck and I hope this helps Earle Ct.

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        Agree with Hurricane, but would not EVER visit Federal Jacks again. Allison gets repeated recs but I haven't been myself. White Barn (too pricey for me but many positive posts. I would investigate Arundel Wharf before I gave anymore of my money - last visit was sub par.

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          I went to Allison's last summer. It was okay. There was a long line and a tour bus group...very crowded. Food was just average. They were also sold out of some items. I would try someplace else next time.

    2. Returned from Kennebunkport last week- I like Hurricane for lunch- or Pier 77 in Cape Porpoise. Had dinner at Kennebunkport Inn (Port Tavern and Grille) and it was excellent. Its Number 2 on Tripadvisor. I also LOVED Bandaloop. Federal Jacks and Allisons are bars that sell food...

      1. If you feel the need for "lobster in the rough" our favorite is Nunan's in Cape Porpoise (on Route 9 a few miles from K'port). If you are looking for breakfast recs, we really like the Wayfarer, also in Cape Porpoise.

        1. I'm a big fan of On the Marsh in Kennebunkport. Great food, excellent service and a very nice ambience. I've never had a bad meal there.

          1. Thanks so much for all your wonderful recs. Looking forward to our trip...don't mind taking a couple of day trips to Portland or back to Ogunquit either...any other recommendations in these areas?

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              If you like lobster, try Lord's in Wells. They have an outstanding Baked Stuffed Lobster for 23.95 (29.95 if you want salad and potato). This is not fine dining but a comfortable dining room overlooking the water with pleasant and efficient service. They have an extensive menu so it doesn't have to be lobster. Everything I have tried has been very fresh and quite good. They also have wonderful home made pies for dessert with real whipped cream.