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Jul 30, 2008 02:02 PM

Tiger Shark Restaurant, Southampton, PA

Tiger Shark, formerly Vaders, in Southampton, PA is now open. My husband and I went there for the first time over the weekend. The layout of the restaurant is the same (bar to the left, dining room to the right), but the new owners have totally refurbished the restaurant. Walking into Tiger Sharks is like walking into an underwater aquarium. There are bold colors on the walls with hand painted fish of all types and sizes throughout the restaurant.

The bar hosts a real aquarium, complete with a small shark in the tank. Beware, though, at 7:00 p.m., the restaurant "feeds the shark". All of a sudden, bells are clanging and a big announcement over the loudspeaker says they're now feeding the shark. Most diners in the restaurant got up to scurry over the fish tank to see the shark being fed. I personally didn't care to go see this "festivity" during dinner.

The menu was somewhat abbreviated but we were told since the restaurant is new, they haven't finished the "full menu". I ordered a stuffed chicken dish (yes, at a seafood restaurant) mainly because I didn't like the choices of the 5 fish dishes they were offering. My husband had stuffed flounder, and he said it was the best stuffed flounder he's had in a long, long time. Dinner comes with bread, but house salads cost extra. Appetizers started at $5 and entrees ran between $15-$25 each. Portions weren't overly large but we certainly left feeling full.

It's an interesting place and hopefully as the menu grows, so will their clientelle. I believe they have music/dancing later in the evening, but we didn't stay for that. The restaurant is a little noisy overall (wood floors will do that), but it's worth checking out if you're in the area.

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  1. I have heard good things as well. My folks went out there last month, though they commented on the (large) size of the portions. Nonetheless, they enjoyed their meals very much. I'll look forward to checking it out. I'm glad you enjoyed your meal!

    1. Wow! That sounds fun and close by! Thanks for the heads up. I will write more after we go!

      1. We did not have a good experience at Tiger Sharks and will not likely go back. We went there on Saturday and were pleasantly surprised to see the colorful decor and bright airy atmosphere. We were seated in the bar area and that was fine too. The menu is, as everyone stated, very limited and our waitress informed us of the filet special. We didn't ask the price, which was our fault and were shocked to see on our bill that it was double the price of anything else on the menu. If the filet was worth it, we may not have felt as we did but it was clearly not the least bit special. Salads are not included and while we each had an appetizer and I had two glasses of wine and my husband has a glass of beer, our $114 bill was quite shocking. We don't mind paying that if the food is exceptional but this was truly below average. It's unfortunate because it is a convenient restaurant with a nice atmosphere and a pleasant waitstaff but the overpriced and subpar food makes me wonder if this restaurant will succeed. We will not go back.

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          We did not have a good experience at Tiger Sharks. We decided to give this place a try in hopes that it would be some place we could dine at again. We will not go back or recommend this place to anyone. The decor was very colorful and different they definitely captured the atmosphere of an underwater aquarium.
          We started off with the clam casino which was cold when they were served. I’m not sure they were completely cooked. The outside was hot but the middle was cold and it was a lot of stuffing and very little clam if any. The waiter did take the clam casino off of the check and took them back to the kitchen. We ask if they served bread and was told that they had an unexpected party of 25 that had come in for dinner and that they had eaten most of the bread so the waiter would have to get some from the chef. When the waiter brought out the bread his comment was this didn’t happen. Not for sure what this meant. How can you run out of bread on a Saturday night just because you had a party of 25 come in that you weren’t expecting. We did see bread being served to the other tables. For an entrée I ordered the red snapper served over a potato pancake and butternut squash. The fish was over cooked and the potato pancake was so tough you could not stick a fork in it and you could not cut it with a knife either. The best part was the squash. My husband had the stuffed flounder which he did say was not bad. I did tell them about my meal and was not offered any compensation for that so basically we paid $19.99 for a couple of bites of butternut squash. As our experience was so bad we did not even chance the desserts or coffee we just wanted to get out of there.