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Corn on the cob

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Did I manage to miss high corn season again? I haven't seen the big bins at Ralph's nor much at the Farmer's Market. Or is it upcoming? Nothing says summer like corn on the cob and fresh tomatoes. Does anyone have any suggestions for prime corn buying spots around LA, preferably on the weekends? thanks!

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  1. No, you haven't missed corn season. My favorite corn and the most flavorful tomatoes and other seasonal produce items comes from the Lombardi Ranch stand in Saugus. They don't open until 'late summer' according to the sign out front of the stand!


    Lombardi Ranch
    29527 Bouquet Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA

    1. I've been getting excellent corn at the Pasadena Farmers Market for the last month or so. The only problem is that it never gets cheaper than 3 for $2.

      1. Corn and the best tomatoes are still coming...

        You haven't missed it.

        1. We've gotten corn at Tapia Bros. on Hayvenhurst and Burbank in Encino for the last month at least. I didn't see much at the Studio City farmers market last Sunday, nor a lot of tomatoes, and the heirlooms I did buy weren't too inspiring. Are tomatoes late this year or what?

          1. I thought the same thing about blueberries, then BAM! back in quart size for 3.99. Got some killer corn (on sale this week 2 for a buck at the Pavillions on Melrose and Vine.

            1. thanks all. anyone got good hook-ups still for corn? i got some at the hollywood farmer's market this weekend, which were pretty good. so were the tomatoes. anywhere else?

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                Pasadena HS FM has really good corn right now. The stall in the middle with their backs to the playing field seems to be the best. Tommytoes are also really good. Get them from the small stand to the left of the stall that sells the corn. FANTASTIC!!

              2. I haven't seen the super sales at Ralph's or the other supermarkets this summer either. I'm talking about when it gets to 10 or even 12 ears for a buck. At those prices I don't even have to spend much time assessing which ears are the heaviest and doing much inspection -- just fill up the bag, get the water boiling, and break out the butter and salt. Best prices I saw at the Santa Monica Famers' Market a week or so back was three ears for $2. I guess all of the corn going to ethanol in the midwest has effects on the market even all the way out here in SoCal.

                And folks, don't shuck your corn at the retailer. It degrades it faster, speeding the conversion of sugars into starch, and dries it out. And sellers, don't chop off the tops. The color and moisture in the silk (golden brown and grassy rather than darker brown/black and rotted) is the best indication of the freshness of the corn and how it has been stored.