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Jul 30, 2008 01:50 PM

Non-French Speaker coming to Quebec

My husband and I are considering coming to Quebec for our 1st wedding anniversary. Upon searching for restaurants I have noticed that "most" offer an English and French version of the pages. I am curious if menus are offered the same way in restaurants. Neither my husband nor I speak any French and were curious.

Please (please!) do not confuse us with "uppity Americans" who think they SHOULD be written in English... I was just curious if they are since the websites sometimes are...


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  1. It might be written in English, but if it's not, the waiters and waitresses will most likely be able to communicate in English with you. It all depends on the restaurant, really. But you'll have no trouble with that, most likely.

    1. My French is terrible, but I've never had any trouble making myself understood in Montreal. Most folks pick up immediately that I'm a U.S. type and switch to English.

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        Same for me and my recent trip last month. My french language skills are lousy too. My friends and I had no problem communicating at all and found everyone very accommodating.

      2. Hi tapas gal. Ko1 from the Baltimore board here.My wife and I are heading to Montreal tomorrow, and have been in the past. Almost every one in the Montreal service industries also speak English and is happy to do so. I believe this is less true as you travel farther north. Don't miss the bagels, croissant, smoked meat, and Au Pied du Cochon in Montreal.