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Jul 30, 2008 01:40 PM

recs for eating at the bar in center city

i would appreciate any recommendations you can make for nice restaurants (not bars) that happen to have a bar at which one might dine alone. center city preferred. thanks.

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  1. Southwark at 4th & Bainbridge... exactly what you are looking for... beautiful bar to enjoy exceptional local cuisine with some of the friendliest and talented bartenders in the city... they are known for their amazing drinks (order a sazerac or classic martini) or choose one of their wonderful wines from their wine list. The food often gets overlooked but it truly is exceptional... a true hidden gem in the city. Enjoy!

    1. I would recommend eating at the bar in Le Bar Lyonnais. Nice atmosphere, great food, and interesting people, especially when the Perrier brothers (Bernard and Georges) are there. It never gets too loud there, and the bar is ideally situated for dining alone without feeling isolated.

      1. I like the bars at Osteria and Jose Garces' two tapas places, Amada and Tinto. These aren't exactly Center City, but depending on your location, are most likely fairly accesible.