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Jul 30, 2008 01:27 PM

Did I overknead my whole wheat bread?

I started making my favorite whole wheat bread recipe, and like a dummy, spaced out and left it in the KitchenAid way too long, about 25 minutes. At first I wasn't worried because I'm not convinced that the KA is an efficient kneader, and the bread is 100% WW. But, when I took it out of the mixer, and tried to work in the butter by hand, it started to come unglued. Did I overknead it, or wait too long to put in the butter? The dough is resting now, and I'm going to bake it anyway on the off chance it might still be edible.

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  1. Not sure what you mean by "unglued." Can you describe the texture more exactly? I didn't think it was possible to overknead bread, but I do it by hand ;)

    1. I'm not sure I understand your description of "unglued" either, but if the dough became stringy, thin (thinner than at the beginning of the process), sticky-gluey, then,yes, it was over kneaded. Unfortunately, once the gluten strands have become damaged like this, there isn't anything you can do to save the dough. You can add more flour all day and it won't help. Unless you have or knows somebody who has chickens (they will eat this kind of thing), you'll have to throw it out. You might want to try forming and baking for your own instruction, but I wouldn't expect much. I'm not convinced of KA's kneading abilities either; your machine may be one of the higher-powered ones or you did not have a large quantity of dough.

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        Hi again,

        You're right: "unglued" is an odd word choice. The dough appeared as it would when you first start kneading it. Breaks apart easily, as if it hadn't been kneaded. (It did not even come close to passing the "windowpane" test.) It did not get sticky. In fact, it is very tough. This surprised me because I weigh all the ingredients, and have successfully made this recipe in the past. I suspect the best solution is for me to do most of the kneading by hand in the future. I am no longer a fan of the KA for breadmaking.

        As far as chickens, I don't have any, but I hear they are very practical to keep if you do a lot of gardening.

      2. sounds like you overkneaded it to the point where the gluten strands broke.