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Jul 30, 2008 01:19 PM

Piramide - Service that hasn't improved with time

We ate here not long after they opened. The food was excellent, and we were forgiving of poor service since they were only a few weeks in operation. We returned recently and the quality of the service has actually diminished. With only a handful of occupied tables, even the basics were lacking (empty water glasses unfilled, longs gaps of time waiting to order and getting the check). Especially puzzling with so few diners was the slow service. Drinks were extremely slow to arrive, and there was inconsistency with the quality of the margaritas – no two tasted the same (in fact, he two women at the next table said they both had to send their drinks back). The guacamole cart was also slow to arrive, not appearing until after the aps had been dropped. Once prepared, it was it was inedible due to saltiness (the waiter did say, "It's my first time.") By the time it was remade (tasty the 2nd time around) our entrees were on the table. Also frustrating was kitchen's apparent lack of familiarity with the menu. My wife ordered Ensalada de Pera, which the menu stated had cherry tomatoes and was served in a crisp tortilla bowl. In reality, it was served on a flat dinner plate with mealy beefsteak tomatoes (at least we think they were beefsteak). I ordered the Molcajete Norteno which the menu stated was served with sirloin & shrimp. In actuality it contained sirloin & chicken, with no mention of a substitution as it was dropped. When I questioned the change, it took several trips to the kitchen to ascertain that there was a special that night, and the waitress had ordered the wrong dish. I kept it, but when the check came, the "special" version with chicken was $4. more than the shrimp dish. When I questioned it, the waitress said, "Yes, I thought that would be a problem, but I can't discount it." When I asked why chicken would cost more than the shrimp, she said, "I guess you get more." We truly want to love this place, as it's in the neighborhood, but the service puts too much of a damper on the experience.

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  1. i could hit piramide from my stoop with a rock but still would not waste my time. 2 visits early on and another aborted visit screamed for me to stay away.

    on another note, why is the bar area of the nearby tacos neuvo now closed off?

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    1. re: TBird

      I had some REALLY good food there when the place first opened, but it has gone WAY downhill. They must have changed chefs. Last time I went (which will be the last time), the food was so flavorless, I had to keep asking for chilis, limes, salt, etc., to doctor it. Also, probably the worst margarita I've had in my life. What a shame.

      1. re: parkslopemama

        somehow we ended up there again. sigh. yes, the worst marg on the planet. absolutely no ice and warm. had to ask for more chips for the guac 3 times. i'll say it again, useless. mama said it best too, what a shame.