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Got a favorite restaurant in the Union Square area:

I would love to get lunch and/or dinner recommendations around the Union Square area. Anyone know of a sleeper fav?

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  1. FINO is a pretty good Italian place (in the Andrews Hotel on the 600 block of Post Street).

    1. Scala's Bistro on Powell

      1. i second FINO and also like Cafe Andree....

        1. I like Colibiri when I'm going to the theater which is close to Union Square.

          Colibri Mexican Bistro
          438 Geary St., San Francisco, CA 94102

          1. On/immediately off the sqaure, Scala's

            A little walk, Perbacco and (quite expensive) Ame

            I hear some good things about Cortez, too

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              Almost everything I tasted at Cortez last night was delicious. The produce seemed extremely fresh and high quality. The taste of corn foam with a cherry tomato and basil was summery, perfect.

              We shared the tasting of duck rillette, pate and and foie gras torchon with apple three ways. (The online menu still says plum). The foie gras torchon was a bit boring, but the other two were great. The presentation, with tiny nasturium leaves and microgreens might have seemed a bit precious...if it hadn't tasted good...but it did. SO said his lamb chop with roasted eggplant (kind of ugly, looked like dried ears) and remesco (sp?) was good, but not exceptional. My scallops were perfect. Seared on the outside and rare inside. The accompanying corn and potato risotto with crispy house made pancetta and cherry tomatoes was a wonderful contrast of textures and flavors, sweet and salty.

              Service was smooth and we never felt rushed, despite the crowd. Pretty noisy, but that's a small complaint. I was pleasantly surprised.

            2. I second Scala's Bistro and, though haven't been in years, La Scene Cafe and Bar at the Warwick Regis Hotel at 490 Geary was always a reliable, pleasant and quiet place for dinner. They serve breakfast as well.


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                I went to Scala's for a solo lunch on Saturday and was quite impressed. Service was good and my pasta dish was excellent. Jen Biesty (ex Top Chef) is now in the kitchen and from what I ate (orichette with sausage and broccoli rabe) her impact is very positive so far.

              2. No sleepers in that neighborhood.

                The only places I can think of that I'd go out of my way to eat at are Canteen and Bar Crudo, reservations pretty much essential at both. With no reservations, Belden Place (a pedestrian alley with eight or so restaurants).


                817 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109

                Bar Crudo
                655 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

                Belden Place
                44 Belden Pl, San Francisco, CA 94104

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                  Canteen, Bar Crudo, and Belden Place are places I regularly take visitors because they're worth the trip and quite interesting/unique.

                  Scala's is where I often send people who live in the Bay Area and have run out of places to go around Union Square. Lovely service, solid food that appeals to most palates, and nice cocktails.

                2. Just ate dinner at Sultan last night with my grandparents who are visiting from East Coast. I had only been for lunch before - but dinner was really excellent. More detailed report coming soon, but this is a restaurant I will continue to go out of my way to eat at.

                  340 Ofarrell St, San Francisco, CA 94102

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                    Went to Sultan last night for an early dinner. . . great food (lamb in cashew sauce, "butter chicken" -- sorry don't recall the actual names of the dishes) and good viewing of Halloween costumed folks. The fried vegetable samosas were tender, flaky and not greasy. The 2 entrees, 1 appetizer, 1 naan, raita, 1 beer & 1 mango lassi = $37 + tax & tip.

                    Per Miriam: the 1-yr. construction was complicated b/c the space was bare and the kitchen was a totally new installation requiring exhaust venting through the 9 floors of garage above them. Artwork from India is expected shortly so the walls won't be so bare. Looking forward to more dining in this lovely space. While there are no booths, the chairs at the table seating is very comfortable. The banquette tables were reserved for a Halloween party later.

                  2. I really like the restaurants with outdoor seating along Belden Place: B44, Brindisi, Belden Taverna, Plouf, Cafe Bastille. The food is very good too.
                    See the link for details and menus.

                    1. Union Square is kind of tough but there are several good places that I've tried over the last few years... Canteen, Colibri, Scala's, Grand Cafe, Belden Place.

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                        Have you been to Scala's or Grand Cafe recently under the new chefs? Would love to hear something current and get an update.

                        I'm still loving Sultan that Dave MP recommended above.

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                          I second Bar Crudo
                          I like Sears Fine Foods on Powell for "American" food (open for b''fast and lunch only)
                          KatanaYa on Geary for Japanese noodles