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Jul 30, 2008 12:39 PM

Got a favorite restaurant in the Union Square area:

I would love to get lunch and/or dinner recommendations around the Union Square area. Anyone know of a sleeper fav?

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  1. FINO is a pretty good Italian place (in the Andrews Hotel on the 600 block of Post Street).

    1. Scala's Bistro on Powell

      1. i second FINO and also like Cafe Andree....

        1. I like Colibiri when I'm going to the theater which is close to Union Square.

          Colibri Mexican Bistro
          438 Geary St., San Francisco, CA 94102

          1. On/immediately off the sqaure, Scala's

            A little walk, Perbacco and (quite expensive) Ame

            I hear some good things about Cortez, too

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              Almost everything I tasted at Cortez last night was delicious. The produce seemed extremely fresh and high quality. The taste of corn foam with a cherry tomato and basil was summery, perfect.

              We shared the tasting of duck rillette, pate and and foie gras torchon with apple three ways. (The online menu still says plum). The foie gras torchon was a bit boring, but the other two were great. The presentation, with tiny nasturium leaves and microgreens might have seemed a bit precious...if it hadn't tasted good...but it did. SO said his lamb chop with roasted eggplant (kind of ugly, looked like dried ears) and remesco (sp?) was good, but not exceptional. My scallops were perfect. Seared on the outside and rare inside. The accompanying corn and potato risotto with crispy house made pancetta and cherry tomatoes was a wonderful contrast of textures and flavors, sweet and salty.

              Service was smooth and we never felt rushed, despite the crowd. Pretty noisy, but that's a small complaint. I was pleasantly surprised.