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Jul 30, 2008 12:29 PM

York - foodie stuff to do, lunches, pubs, dinners?

One more post from me! My fiance is keen on seeing the Rail museum in York, and so I'm looking for some things to do, perhaps food related, while he does that. Any great markets, shops, etc? I would love to rent a bicycle and so I don't mind cycling about as far as 50k for something really interesting!

Also, for meals. We've planned a meal at the IVY Brasserie, but we're open to any alternate dinner suggestions and are looking for great spots for lunches, a cheap dinner when we arrive, and can't miss pubs for a pub crawl. We're staying at the Bloomsbury Inn which is I gather close to Clifton Green. We are open to all cuisines, with an emphasis on places that have great fish, veggie, or healthy choices.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. In York the "Red Chilli" gets good reviews for authentic sichuan.
    If it isn't too late to change your hotel you could look at this. it is a Michelin 1 star pub not far from York. Not silly prices:

    1. If you are interested in pubs -- especially for quality beer -- you should not miss The Maltings (Tanners Moat/Wellington Row, below Lendal Bridge) which is one of the best real ale pubs in the UK and has quite the selection. Food is mostly pedestrian pub fare though, so don't expect much on that account. The York Brewery can also be visited (it's in the wall itself) and they have quite a nice tasting room/pub. The beers are good too.