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Jul 30, 2008 12:17 PM

ISO Italian Grilling Recipes

Hosting an Italian theme grill night and looking for some tasty new recipes.
Our staples so far include Italian Wines, Bruschetta with grilled veggies / cheese, Grilled Pizza, Florentine Steak, Grilled Whole Fish/ Octopus and will attempt to grill some kind of dessert together. Any faves esp for side dishes you care to share ? TIA !

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  1. Grill some pineapple or fennel for dessert since grilling seems to be the theme.

    1. Mario Batali has a new book out about Italian grilling which I just took out of the library. Some of the recipes I want to try are: fennel with Sambuca and grapefruit; marinated calamari with chickpeas, olive pesto and oranges; grilled vegetable salad Capri style; grilled lobster with lemon oil; monkfish in proscuitto with pesto fregola; tenderloins marinaded in Negroni vinaigrette; grilled porcini with vin cotto; and grilled artichokes with mint and chilis. I should do a theme night like you and make them all at once!

      1. Do a grilled dessert pizza with fresh peaches and mascarpone cheese maybe some cherries ans drizzle with honey.

        1. Slice and marinate some zucchini & squash in Italian dressing and then throw them on the grill. You might want to use a basket since they tend to fall through the grates at times.