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Jul 30, 2008 12:07 PM

Izakaya in the Borgata??

anybody been? heard anything about it?

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  1. I hope it's true. Need places like that in NJ.

    1. What is it? Sorry, I am lost when it comes to A.C.


      1. This place is definitely worth avoiding. We initially attempted to have dinner at SeaBlue but it was closed on Tuesday. We made reservations at 7:30 and arrived on time. We waited 15-20 minutes at the bar; the bartender was polite and spoke highly of the robatayaki (the small grilling menu). Drinks were well poured with my wife commenting on the taste (she does not like lime in her Cosmo).

        We were seated in the front couples area – not comfortable but romantic – my wife could not lean back to the wall. The waitress explained the menu and how things were staged. We ordered the beef and lobster robatayaki as starters. She also asked about entrées or rolls – we ordered a King Crab California (wife does not do raw but loves Kanji in Shrewsbury) and Rainbow rolls. She once again re-iterated that everything would be staged. Everything was proceeding well until we re-order our drinks and water.

        My wife’s drink was definitely different than the first from color and taste perspective. I asked if she wanted to send it back but she stated that this is typical that her first does not taste like the second. Our busboy came and fill her water glass only half way and did not return for 5 minutes when we asked our waitress. Then our sushi arrived before the robatayaki items – I stated to the runner they were supposed to be staged. He looked at me as if I had three heads and stated that they would be out shortly. Waitress was MIA. Our robatayaki arrived 2-3 minutes later – I should have called the manager – my mistake.

        Now for the food. While waiting, the couple seated next to us ordered the chicken robatayaki and send it back because it pink. (This should have been our warning). The King Crab California – did not have King Crab – I was your typical California roll with the imitation crab (cod) legs. The Rainbow roll was just slightly better than supermarket material – the tuna was obviously overly frozen and starting to lose it texture and the mackerel was a little too strong. For the lobster robatayaki, it was too chewy – my wife spit hers out. The Kobe Beef was cold and chewy. I should have complained but my wife just wanted to leave. Our waitress finally surfaced after 10-15 minutes, we simply stated we wanted the check. I left the second worse tip in my life (less than 8 %) – I should have left zero because my wife has been running to the bathroom for 2 days. We should have stuck to Old Homestead or Wolfgang Puck’s. We will not be returning to this Michael Shulson restaurant - there are better places in NJ such as Kanji in Shrewsbury.

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          There's a fundamental problem with Izakayas in America. These places aren't really supposed to be restaurants, and you certainly should not require a reservation for one. They're just supposed to be simple bar stalls that serve finger food for cheap!

          1. re: joonjoon

            i thought this is a "real" izakaya when I first saw the title of the thread but it sounds like this is some sort of fancy restaurant using izakaya as the name.

            For more realistic izakaya's go to St Mark's Pl. at NYC.