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Jul 30, 2008 11:57 AM

Alternatives to "The Pantry" in Fairfield

We enjoy the prepared food at The Pantry, but are looking for some variety. It doesn't have to be Pantry-style (whatever that is) -- we also like all types of ethnic food. We frequently get take out from Layla's.

Anywhere in Westport / Fairfield / Black Rock would be convenient for us. Suggestions anyone?

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  1. closest place I can think of lfor prepared food ike the Pantry of would be Garelick & Herbs in Westport, on Post road. Lots of good options (though I sometimes find some of their things a bit on the salty side). Not cheap though. A&S on Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield has all sorts of pre-packaged Italian food, as does Villarina's Pasta on Post Road in Westport.

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      Thank you for the suggestions. Amazingly, I have never tried Garelick & Herbs or Villarina's. Both are on my way home from work -- will try one of them tonight!

    2. If you aren't opposed to a steam table buffet type of set-up you have a few Brazilian and Jamaican options in Bridgeport close to Fairfield.


      Terra Brasilis on North Ave is good. El Pantanal - 215 Frank Street is probably the best Brazilian in the city right now. Meat lovers will really like this place!


      Feeding Tree - 1223 Madison Ave - close to Fairfield and has decent chow available for take out.

      mommy's patties - 2523 Main St - Is a further drive from FFLD but worth it.

      For Mexican try Mi Rancho on Fairfield Ave in Black Rock

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        JohnnyCT" Feeding Tree is it clean? i don't like Mommy's Patties that much at all. I am trying to find less greasy and more healthy Jamaican food?

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          Terra Brasilis sounds intriguing. Will have to check it out. Any dishes you recommend?