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Jul 30, 2008 11:41 AM

Romantic Anniv dinner in the city

We're looking for a nice romantic place for our 5 year anniversary. We don't get down to the city as often as we would like, so I want to be sure we do it up! The 2 places we've been considering are Tangerine and Osteria. Tangerine seems to get a lot of "romantic" buzz on the board, but we've been to Continental Midtown a few times, and I don't want to go to Tangerine if it's too similar - we're looking for a new experience...I don;t know if the Starr places all resemble each other??
Any thoughts would be much welcomed! Oh, and we love Italian food and seafood, but would enjoy other ideas (not a huge Mexican or Indain fan though)

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  1. Tangerine is definitely different in vibe and food from Continental. I'm sure you can find menu and photos online. I think it definitely fits a romantic night out - though I think it's also dependent on how you define "romantic"
    We absolutely love Osteria - went the first time for a special occasion, had a really wonderful, relaxed dinner, great wine, great service. It is definitely pricey though. Since then we have even wandered in and sat at the bar with glasses of wine, pizza and apps. It is definitely a 'special occasion' restaurant.
    I think between the two you have very different vibes going on - Tangerine has probably dimmer lighting, a more mediterrean/middle eastern feel. Osteria is definitely brighter, feels bigger/more open, etc.
    Though I dont think you'd go wrong with either.

    1. Vetri would be about as "doing it up right" and romantic fitting the occassion as anywhere. Getting an early or a late reservation may or may not be possible on the day you wish to celebrate, but it wouldn't hurt to try.