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Jul 30, 2008 11:41 AM

Romantic Anniv dinner in the city

We're looking for a nice romantic place for our 5 year anniversary. We don't get down to the city as often as we would like, so I want to be sure we do it up! The 2 places we've been considering are Tangerine and Osteria. Tangerine seems to get a lot of "romantic" buzz on the board, but we've been to Continental Midtown a few times, and I don't want to go to Tangerine if it's too similar - we're looking for a new experience...I don;t know if the Starr places all resemble each other??
Any thoughts would be much welcomed! Oh, and we love Italian food and seafood, but would enjoy other ideas (not a huge Mexican or Indain fan though)

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  1. Tangerine is not anything like Continental. The only thing you can count on being the same at Stephen Starr restaurants are the high prices! Tangerine has a dark, candlelit, middle eastern atmosphere. I'd say it qualifies as romantic. I haven't been to Osteria but my sense is the atmosphere is bustling and not romantic.

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      I love the food at Osteria but don't consider it a romantic place since it's usually jam packed with people. I'm going to Amada for my anniversary this weekend. What about going to a small BYOB? I went to Tre Scalini last weekend and the food was great. Maybe consider that restaurant?