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Jul 30, 2008 11:07 AM

Toronto's Best Steak Frites

Where say you?

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  1. I've had a nice one at Le Papillion, lovely french resto in downtown off Front St.

    1. Early, I presume you are looking for non steak-house Steak Frites - otherwise Barberian's and the other usual suspects would clean up.
      Amongst the bistros:
      On a good day, the steak frites at Le Petit Dejeuner are as good as anywhere.
      La Pallette used to be great but they changed their sauce a few years back.
      Batifole is also good but I don't like the bone marrow taste of the sauce.

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      1. re: Bigtigger

        The usual suspects - Barberian's et al - often don't do very good frites, and I think it is much more difficult to do first rate frites than it is to do good steak.
        For that reason I would suggest that Didier and Jamie Kennedy, both of whom make excellent frites, are the best.

        1. re: garlicandwingnut

          I second Jaime Kennedy! His frites are consistently delish.

          1. re: DishyDiva

            JK's frites are fab... but the OP is looking for steak frites. I've never seen this dish at JK - and it would presumably be a small-plate rendition which might be a rather less satisfying meal than the trad version.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. beerbistro does a very tasty Steak Frites.

          1. Weezie's on King East has great steak frites.

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            1. re: cheesymama

              I have to second the recommendation for Weezie's. Recently had the same dish at Craft Steak (Tom Colicchio's resto in Las Vegas) and Weezie's was comparable, if not better.