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Jul 30, 2008 11:00 AM

Lia's Gourmet Kitchen, Van Nuys

We've been frequenting this place for lunch a lot these days. It's a nice quiet place with fairly quick service, and some excellent food. My favorites are the flat iron steak sandwich and the Khinkali (dumplings). She also does some dishes like beef stroganoff and some pasta dishes as well. Has anyone else tried it? If you're in the area I suggest you stop in it's worth the visit.

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  1. Got an address? I occasionally find myself out that way midday, and I'm always looking for decent lunch joints.

    1. I've gotten take-out several times, and it's been great. Mixed kebabs were grilled perfectly & the dumplings were full of meaty juicy goodness. Will try the flat iron next time!

      Southwest corner of Woodman & Victory.

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        The restaurant on the southwest corner of Woodman & Victory is Lusy's International Cuisine. Lia's Gourmet Kitchen is located at 15355 Sherman Way just west of Sepulveda Blvd.

      2. I've been going here for the deli sandwiches for a few years now but never tried the entrees. Thanks to your rec I ordered the beef stroganoff and it was AMAZING. Hand made, hand-pulled noodles are served along side a rich sauce that is generous with the skirt steak portion. I was really blown away by this dish and will be coming back for more. The entree, at $9.99, was also served along side a side salad with house-made dressing - enough to bring some home for leftovers. You have the option to order the beef stroganoff with fries or rice instead.

        Along with the khinkali dumplings I tried the chicken pelemeni. The meat inside was surprisingly flavorful for a chicken dumpling. The dumpling skin itself was a little thicker than I'd like, and I also would have liked to have the option to order the pelemeni in soup with some more herbs on top like at other Russian places, but if in the dumpling mood I'd definitely order them again.

        I've been going for years to get the sandwiches because I'm addicted to the mustard and appreciate that everything is freshly sliced.