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Anthos RW

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Since it has been criticized here recently (at least for RW), I thought I would write a quick note in defense of Anthos, since I went last night.

I thought both the food and the service were great. Obviously people’s experiences can vary, but I have not a word of complaint about the service (which appears to have been most people’s source of criticism).

It is true that the main courses on the RW menu were “carefully” chosen from a cost perspective: an excellent lamb shank – but how hard is it to cook a shank for a few hours?; an amazingly moist and tender milk fed chicken; and arctic char.

Starters were all interesting, and the puddings were fine (although I felt that the chocolate and sesame things was a bit salty for my taste).

In addition to the three courses we got assorted pre-amuse bouche meze for the table, the amuse bouche (a shot of soup with chickpeas and chocolate on top), and some macaroons (well, they weren’t called that, but they were certainly little almondy things) to take away.

The goat's milk butter was not something I had tasted before; unsurprisingly, it tastes like very fresh goat's cheese.

On a separate point, does anyone know what happens to the waiting staff if the miss things off the bill (for example the two bottles of surprisingly good Greek wine we had last night)? We ‘fessed up, but would it have been docked from someone’s wages or tips if we had not?

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  1. I have to jump on this bandwagon. Anthos was perhaps one of the better restaurant meals ive had ( and ive been to quite a few- good and bad). I found the service gracious and timely - they even gave us the dregs from the open bottle of champagne at the bar since we were among the last to leave. The food was spectacular, imo and the amuse and mezedes were interesting and added to the meal tremendously.

    I would not hesitate for a millisecond to send someone to Anthos. It was up there with the modern, gramercy tavern and perry st.