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Any recommendations for kosher power or energy bars?


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  1. I like Clif Bars when I bike and hike.

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    1. You can check out these new Cholov Yisroel Grab1 bars, they are really yummy!!!

      1. Not sure if this fits your bill, but the south beach high protein bars have 10G of protein and are 140 Cal. each - it's much cheaper than the Clif Bars. They're OU-D.

        1. In my weightlifting days, I used Genisoy bars - 14g protein.

          1. I like Clif bars for when I am hiking or biking. They taste good and have a good texture.

            1. there is a new bar that is going to be hitting the east coast it is called action nutritrition whey protein bar.2 flavors peanut butter choc coated and chocolate molten. it is cholov yisroel with cert. from rabbi teichman of california. it has very healthy ingredients as opposed to some other energy bars out there and actually was developed in conjunction with a doctor. i know it is current;y available at the supreme health foods stores in monsey,brooklyn and lakewood and it will be available in the next week or so all around town including possibly fairway. kol tuv and the shuk in crown heights also have it already.

              1. PureFit: http://www.purefit.com

                I take these out on 2-3 hour runs. They don't have any artificial garbage in them, and they do have protein as well as carbs.

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                  Good old original Nature Valley granola bars do the trick and they're pareve.

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                    What hechsher do these have? Are they pareve?

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                      I'm pretty sure Nature Valley has an OU

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                        I think s/he was asking about PureFit, mentioned by Avivale, not Nature Valley.

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                          I was asking about PureFit.

                          NuGo Nutrition (www.nugonutrition.com) also has a wide variety of bars, some of which are pareve.

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                            My box of PureFit bars has the "California K" symbol, which is Kehillah Kosher based in Los Angeles (one of the two main kashrus certifying groups here).

                  2. I like Larabars. They are under OU supervision (not sure about all the flavors- but the ones that I've tried are pareve). They don't have added sugars/sweeteners. I buy them at Trader Joe's and I recall seeing them at Whole Foods.

                    1. If you are looking for an energy boost that will revitalize you and help you regain your focus, there is this new product out and about called Agel, it is Kosher Certified by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, one of their products Agel Ohm helps improve energy levels, and the fact that is a gel formula also help abate hunger. If you would like more info about the product, e-mail me at kosheragel@aol.com or just check out the site. It is a really cool kosher product.

                      1. I really like the Comfort Bar but it is $$$. It tastes delicious (much much better than any other i have had) and has 15g of protein in the 180 calorie bar, plus they use fair trade chocolate for the coating.
                        http://www.comfortbar.com/flavors.html - favorite are the orange and vanilla almond ones.