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Jul 30, 2008 10:48 AM

Jar Opener wanted

I 'found' a year(+) old jar of artichoke hearts at the back to the fridge...

Question 1:
Is there a good and reliable jar opener out there that I can invest in? My hands are achey from trying to wring the lid off. Even with a cloth and rubber grip.

Question 2:
Even if I manage to get the lid off, can I still eat the artichokes?

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  1. Have you tried putting on a pair or rubber cleaning gloves holding the jar in one hand and twisting the lid with the other?

    If they were never opened ... definately. I'm guessing they were opened since they are in the fridge ... I'm still guessing yes ... unless it has grown some creature inside that is clinging to the lid and preventing it from being opened.

    1. Have you tried a little heat and a gentle bash on the counter? This works for me every time...

      1. run the lid under hot water for a while, that should expand the lid and the air space between lid and jar....

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        1. re: thew

          Running a jar lid under hot water is always a good idea. It does make it easier to open but there's another reason to do it. A consumer company was once running test on baby food to check purity. When they started to get positive reports for contamination, someone realized that any dirt, insect stuff, etc. that had accumulated around the lid edge while sitting on the shelf, was sucked into the jar when the vacuum seal was broken. A quick rinse eliminates this from happening.

        2. OXO makes the best jar opener. It is a V shape that has a serrated edge that locks onto the lid and a handle long enough to give you the leverage to open even the toughest lids. I bought mine at Bed Bath and Beyond about 5 years ago.

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            The OXO will open just about everything, but be careful with the metal lid afterward. The opener's serrated teeth can nick the lid up, leaving little rasping teeth on the lid which took a small patch of skin off the heel of my hand!

            1. re: Stephanie Wong

              SOLD! I will pick up an OXO. As I stated in the OP I'd tried the hot tap rinse/cloth/rubber glove technique to no avial. If the OXO does not work, I have to assume it's the jar.
              I'm somewhat a kitchen gadget geek but I've avoided the jar opener...I guess this means I'm on the bus to geriatric-arthritisville, which is okay.

              1. re: neighborguy

                I bought the original OXO for my mom who was developing arthritis in her hands and was not able to open jars. When I saw how efficient it was, I bought one for myself.

                I am quite embarrassed that I did not think of that first, because I have studied both mechanical engineering and industrial design.

                Stephanie, A few seconds with a emery board will smooth the burrs caused by the OXO teeth.

            2. re: Kelli2006

              While I'll probably lose a half dozen Real Man Points for saying this, I sometimes use my oxo opener on jars that aren't even stuck. Clever design and fun.

            3. Jar opener: ordinary "church key" type bottle opener. Stick the pointy end under the edge of the jar lid and pry it outward until you hear a gentle pop - voila lid is now loose. It's the vacuum seal that causes a lid to stick so tightly. You need to break this vacuum in order to loosen the lid so it turns. Works 100% of the time, costs $0 (unless you don't have a bottle opener in the house) and uses no elbow grease whatsoever. My 93 year old mother could do this.