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Jul 30, 2008 10:39 AM

Great Italian for Friday pm

We have been away from the east coast for too long and really want some good Italian food Friday pm after we arrive at the airport. Nothing too fancy- North End would be grreat, though parking is a mess. We are heading to Rhode Island after dinner so something on the south side of town would work well also- What's excellent these days for 2 who have been eating in the midwest for too long?

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  1. Depending on when you arrive, a few good spots in Winthrop come to mind, DiParma's or Alia, both off rte 145 on Shirley St. Also in Eastie, Jamelli's or Rino's may work.

    1. Rocca on Harrison Ave (south end) has free parking in their lot, and Stella on Washington Street (south end) has valet and are pretty easy on/off of 93 south. Check the board for specific reviews but certainly great Italian eats.

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        and imho the best italian is in rhode island so you can try again when you get there.

      2. There's also Sage in the South End. If I'd gone too long without Italian, I'd really want to do it up right at either Prezza or Mamma Maria, both of which have valet. I'd get a reservation at any place you decide on, though.

        1. The original comment has been removed