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Jul 30, 2008 10:38 AM

St. Michael's

Hi -- We are considering getting married in St. Mike's and I was interested in know if there are any good rehearsal dinner spots or great restaurants?

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    1. 208 Talbot's is our favorite spot, not just for the food but for the atmosphere and professional but friendly service. Haven't been to the Bistro but have heard several negative reviews recently, particularly with regard to the service. The restaurant at The Inn at Perry Cabin is wonderful, but much more expensive and formal. Both are great options depending on your price point and preferred style.

      About 10 minutes out of town is the Inn at Tilghman Island. It's a favorite spot of locals (that I'm probably not supposed to share). We had a wonderful new years eve dinner there. Very impressive. It's right on the water but much more affordable than The Inn. Also much less formal.

      1. 8 yrs ago, we had our rehearsal "crab feast" at Harrison's on Tilghman Island.

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          And it was a very yummy crab feast at that....Nice casual waterfront deck setting.